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  1. So many are quick to judge. I'm sick to my ato n a chance tonight and don't wish this feeling on anyone. But, befoe they judge, let's see how it feels when it happens to them.
  2. So many are quick to judge. I'm sick to my ato n a chance tonight and don't wish this feeling on anyone. But, befoe they judge, let's see how it feels when it happens to them.
  3. It's almost pitch black out because of the storm and I woke up a shaky mess as usual. I miss my mother and all the losses I've suffered the past 2 months. I'm just laying here not knowing what to do. I even miss my abusive ex if that makes sense. Bills are piling up, I'm more isolated then ever with people judging me. No words make this better. How do I go on?
  4. I miss my mother too much, cat is gone, car is totaled, losing the house, and the boyfriend.... How can someone's brain process all these losses in such a short time. Family members and friends being careless and mean?? I have hardly any money left and wake up every morning shaking. Thank God I have a wonderful doctor who has been bringing me food or I would hardly eat. I am trying so hard.....it hurts too much...no ones words can help although I know people try. I have to go look at 2 condos tomm with a friend but I'm scared he won't show up because I'm so used to being let down. Filled with panic and anxiety. If you pray, please pray for me, if you don't please send positive thoughts my way. I don't even know how I'm gonna make it in the bath.
  5. She smells fine and Im not even around her hardly. My realtor is just a condescending bitch. Found a new one.
  6. Ty for all the replies....yes he is sadistic, the last thing I thought he was. I am lucky to have an ex boyfriend come help me pack Saturday. and look at a few places to live. I just wanna rot and not get out of bed and no one thing anyone can change that unless I do it myself. I am finding it too hard.
  7. had rescued a cat years ago. She's feral. She has a bit of an odor but I love her and deal with it. My realtor just told me I stink like cats when I get in her car. Wtf??? And I know I do not smell. Freaking btich. How rude can you be? And I know it's not true...even though the grief I'm going through, I keep my clothes clean.
  8. Thankyou. I am finding it hard to eat, walk, sleep, etc. I got into a car accident two days before my mother died. I lost my cat, boyfriend, car, cat and mother all in a week. I had to sell the house to get some income yet don't have the strength to go look st rentals. I feel like I'm living in purgatory or hell.
  9. They're very strict with pets here and I have no pay stubs because I stopped working to caretaker for my mom. I feel like I'm serving a penance.
  10. I have to call the lawyer. I'm sitting here frozen in time. People keep saying push on , you have to keep going, you have no choice. I barely dragged myself out of bed today and can't picture facing all these things without my mother. Oh God, please help me. No one really understands unless they are going through it or have gone through it. It's sad but true. I totaled my car, lost my cat, lost an abusive bf (I GUESS FOR THE BEST) ,calling me everyday just to remind me he never wants to be with me again, he just calls because I ask him too... lost my mother all in basically 2 weeks. I went from being so happy to the worst mess possible, but all the loss is making me nuts. I can't let it get me. Then I think of the holidays and how alone I will be. God, help me keep any sanity I have left. Ty to all who listen, I know I keep repeating the same thing. I can't help it. It's just all too much. I'm sorry I don't reply much to other people's posts. I just cant take it anymore. No matter what anyone says or what suggestions they give, I don't want to keep going. Ty in advance for listening.
  11. Im misplacing everything to top it all off..I'm lucky I can walk.
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