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  1. Janka is the love of my life. Within her I have found my soulmate. I have never been so much in love. I love you Janka
  2. As like Steve, I realized that I was no longer BradnDeedo, just Brad. I’ve gone to extremes, I realize. I travel a lot but seldom am I revisiting old places but exploring places that have no history with my past. As a result I am reinventing myself. The other day I had a different sort of epiphany. I was walking down an alley in a village I had never heard of and I started reflecting on all of the experiences I’ve had that, had Deedo survived, I never would have experienced. In an attempt to escape my pain i returned to work as a distraction, I’ve travelled lots and lots and as a result have rediscovered love. As a result I find myself thinking far more about today and tomorrow and far less about yesterday. It simply means that as I rediscovered Brad I’ve been lucky enough to invent new passions. I’ve been fortunate enough to find a wonderful Slovakian woman, we all know, who knows my pain as I know hers and within each other we have rediscovered love and rediscovered a tomorrow. The only reason I mention this is to provide a glimpse into what has worked for me. I know how difficult this journey is and I also know how it can become all consuming. For me I really had to completely change my whole perspective of who I am.
  3. My Janka, It is I who is thanking you. You have changed my life and given me a reason to look toward tomorrow. I love you, Brad
  4. But am remembering our time in beautiful Bratislava.
  5. Thank you Janka. I am missing you from Madrid.
  6. For me, the greatest challenge has been one of reinventing Brad. For so many years I was BradnDeedo. I started fourteen months ago on an odyssey of redefining Brad. There have been things that I shelved because Deedo did not enjoy them as much as I. Classical music is a good example; it made her sad but I’ve enjoyed it since my youth. In hush school while others were listening to the Beatles or the Beach Boys, I preferred Rachmaninov. After all it was the original long hair music. It was the same with jazz. Now when I download music about 90% is either classical or jazz. Now when I travel it’s never to places I went with Deedo nor places we talked about going- I will never be able to take an Alaskan cruise for example. But as a result my travels now have opened new doors and new possibilities. I just spent a week in Bratislava and Janka has given me the ability to once more cherish today and anticipate tomorrow. I really do understand the pain people are going through. For the past thirty-five months I have been there. Finding one’s new life is next to impossible. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But there a hope. My thoughts and best wishes are for everyone here.
  7. For Janka and all who love ballet. The opening movement of Paul McCartney’s Ballet:
  8. I’m sitting in a Viennese café eating a cake just for you.
  9. Finding love in Bratislava. Janka and Brad!
  10. My dear Janka, He is also very happy to meet you as you are one of those rare and remarkable people who brings comfort and joy to those of us in pain.
  11. Allen and Katie, Please know you are in our thoughts. I am truly saddened by this news. So much to deal with in such a short amount of time. Brad
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