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  1. Wow! So very sorry MB.. no words to add just sending a hug to you
  2. Marie Lee

    Two years Today

    I always say Thank God you specialize in messes because I am one .. Thanks everyone- made it through with the help of loved ones that joked and reminisced along with me
  3. Today ..... Today ...🎶 That Kenny Chesney song runs through my mind ... i see your smile .. I see your face... Still can’t believe you’re gone... Today, June 12, 2018... Marks two years. i am still numb. My back and legs hurt to match my heart. I still keep going - not quite as actively as I should maybe - dunno- don’t really care .. especially Today. My mind will never be at complete peace about this. I still can not understand why I survived and he didn’t . To focus on the positive is all I can do to make any peace in my mind over it. Another grandchild is on the way - due November...I wish these babies knew their funny grandpa.. I will try hard to make sure they know him. Mason seems to have his silly bone lol! Today... my world was turned upside down two years ago.. not sure it will ever be right side up. Hugs to all.. I am sorry we are all part of this club.. but I am so glad you’re here and I am not alone ( even more) in my grief journey. Sending love and remembering - everything... just everything... Hugs. Marie
  4. I love you all ! Marg , you always make me laugh! Tom- By that definition.. I am most certainly FINE 🙂
  5. Awesome Kay! How did your visit go?
  6. Thank you - it is and I do believe he is watching over all of us .. thank you all God Bless..
  7. Hi all.. it’s late here.. flying home tomorrow from seeing my new grand daughter... this is the first grandchild I welcome and embraced without Kev :-/.. she’s beautiful and all is well for mommy and baby ❤️ I had a place in the river for a few days during my visit .. watched the sunshine sparkle on the water and the cardinals in the yard.. Sunshine on my shoulders ... played in my mind .. thought of Kev... as I always do .. New granddaughter has Grandpa Angel watching over her ... Hugs dear friends... sending blessings and love out to all.. Marie
  8. Reminds me of Lucy in Charlie Brown... he had the fear of everything.. five cents please ...
  9. Marie Lee

    Scrambled mind

    Oh Karen ... how your heart must hurt about your three yr old beautiful girl... it’s a void that never fills ... sending out so much love to all... Scrapbooking can be emotional but it’s good therapy for me... I see , the beautiful life we created ... lovely songs run through my head like remember when and sweet life ...even silly songs and sayings from my late husbands funny bone :-) and the precious memories he left me ... thinking of you all... Marie
  10. Marie Lee

    Scrambled mind

    me too Lainey. I have been scrapbooking.. started today on my daughters'... oh how I wish he were here to share my pages with... no one else will quite care as much...ever... thinking of you all today and sending hugs...
  11. Beautiful song Darrel to pair with lovely memories... The book of life is brief How true - Glad to hear from you ... Music is definitely one way to bring back a memory... send us back to a moment ... like the song Trisha Yearwood sang.. The ding remembers welll... Hugs from Marie
  12. Thank you Janka ... Faith does help. Yes, loneliness.. seems to be a constant companion ..hugs
  13. Tried doing yard work a little bit today ... ended up so overwhelmed with the 100,000 details ++++ trying to sort out all of the stuff in my messy garage ... Did get a couple of things done... wondering when the emotions will become more manageable and not so overwhelming... Thought about you all... I know y’all get it.. Hugs Trying to think happy thoughts ......
  14. Yes - hand raises- it’s 1:47 am.. struggling to sleep here... not much else to add...
  15. I love you all....sorry we are all on this journey ...but I am glad I met you all.. Sorry about your sis Kay ...