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  1. @WHI950 & @Finch thank you. It still hurts and hits me my little boy isn't here. I miss him so much...
  2. I'm going to try to go with details about my son passing away shortly after he was born. I found out that I was pregnant when I was fourth months along. My boyfriend at the time and I was so excited expecting a baby. I took my prenatal went to my monthly checkups but something was wrong with my baby. He wasn't growing correctly and during that time something was wrong with me. My family and friends was so excited for us and we was picking out names. My boyfriend and I decided to name him Vincent after my boyfriend's step father and his middle name to be Anthony after my boyfriend. It was perfect and we couldn't be more excited! On May 11th of this year I was staying the night at my mom's like normally because I wanted to stay the night with her and my daughter who lives with my mom. I woke up sometime around 5:00 AM and something was telling me to go to the bathroom and I did. I seen blood which got me to panic and I was rushed to the hospital I was praying my little boy would be okay and born healthy. I had hypertension and preeclampsia then that's why my son wasn't growing like he should. It seemed like forever but he was born. He weighed 1lb 1oz and 19inch long he was a preemie baby. They rushed him to the incubator trying to get him to breath but all that pushing was too late. He passed away shortly after he was born because his heart was too weak. He was 20 weeks old when I gave birth to him To remind you I was rushed an hour away to a different hospital at University Of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. I went to the hospital at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka KS. I was supposed to have a C-Section but my family said no. My mom had the right to say something because she's my supposedly "guardian." I held my son's lifeless body and held him before I left the hospital. I'm still depressed my little baby is gone and it hurts he's not with me. I don't know why he passed away I still wish he was with me in my arms. He would of been 6 months old I still wonder what it would be like if he was with me. He was surely a beautiful baby I can't get over it. I still cry over him. RIP Vincent Anthony Becerra
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