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  1. That's true. I like to think he knows at least some of what is going on. I would like to think he can still think about people here. Then of course, I again wonder, well now that he is in a place void of sin can he or does he want to think about me.
  2. I did have something happen that made me sad at first but then I guess it kind of comforted me after I read that article. Something appeared in my house a few days after he died with the logo on it of the place we used to meet at (where he worked) I asked my husband where it came from and he said some guy down the st just gave it to him.
  3. I found this article very helpful for me. I am a Christian and as tempting as a medium is I know the Bible absolutely forbids it. Yes it says do not commit adultery too and if I hadn't I wouldn't be in this pain. It says sometimes what the medium brings up is actually a counterfeit of the deceased. I know not everyone believes the same and I wouldn't ever try to force beliefs on anyone. But this brought me comfort and I just wanted to share it in case it could comfort anyone else that may share my beliefs http://cuyahogavalleychurch.blogspot.com/2011/04/can-we-communicate-with-our-loved-o
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