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  1. I lost my 29 year old daughter on the 11th of january this year.this is the first time I've been able to speak of this on any type forum as i had hoped id be able to deal with the loss by myself with the love and support of my wife and my faith in god but ive found that im not dealing with the loss as well as i had hoped and am now getting help for depression and had a councelor recommend going to a group but i am apprehensive about speaking of this in front of others. I feel as if this is probably the best mode for me to deal with my loss for now as I have been reading about the other's who have lost a loved one and are suffering as I am and hope this will in some way be theraputic for me.My daughter died of congestive heart failure in january leaving five beautiful children but unfortunately i have no influence on their welfare as thier fathers have custody now and all I can hope for is a chance to see them on occasion. I was divorced from my ex for about a year after thirty years of marriage, when this happened and was remarried exactly 1 month after her death.I have slowly been losing all energy and ability to focus and concentrate on most things outside my work and on the day she died I quit driving truck over the road and have been home ever since.I had no kind of closure as I didnt even get a chance to see her after she died as my ex had her cremated that day as per her wishes as I'm told.many things have happened but it is my relationship with my wonderful loving wife I am most concerned about. she has been so supportive but must be feeling so neglected by my lack of interest and affection in many cases that has me most concerned.I welcome any recommendations and assistance from all who read this.thanks[attachmentid=82]
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