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  1. Hun I am in the same boat I lost my little brother on May 25th 2016 and it's been hard I was at work when I got the news I went into shock and found out that he had killed his self in my parents home and my mom found him. I am still struggling every day I miss his voice and his laugh and knowing I will never be able to talk to him or see him hurts. Hes two years younger than me. My mom and sis still have a hard time they were the ones to come home and find his body.
  2. Thank you guys for your help i have found some great info on suicide. I would like to let u know that I am going to start writting in a note book to help with my stress levels. And I have found that listening to music to helps as long as it's not the music that was played at his funeral.
  3. Thank you marry for the article it makes me feel better to read about Grief. I didn't go through all the "stages" I went throught anger and crying at first and never went through the rest. I will find my self watching a video of my brother playing the guitar and start crying or I will listen to a song he used to play just for me and start crying but quickly wipe away my tears so no one will see them. It's hard to explain. I hear people tell me it will be ok or it gets easier but when you lose a person that close you just tend not to listen to people any more
  4. I am 33 years old I dont attend school my brother was 30 when he killed him self. I Have a hard time talking to my mother she is the one who found him in her house dead
  5. Hi I am looking for some help i have never done this before I lost my brother to suicide he killed him self and I want a way to talk out side of the box i talk to family my mom and so on but it hasn't helped she is the one who found my little brother
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