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  1. I'm a 27 year old female who lost her 30 year old brother last year Feb 16 2016. I'l never forget that day, it was by far the hardest day (aside from his funeral) that I've ever endured. I find myself struggling still even after the 1 year mark which has only passed a mere month ago. It was a very sudden and tragic death and I miss him dearly (he passed away in his sleep from a sudden heart attack). I know he will always be in my heart forever and always on my mind. Grief is such a strong and strange feeling. A feeling that for me I find is so hard to feel and deal with. Today has been a hard day for me mentally I find it still hard to believe and I keep picturing him in my mind alive and well although I know the truth. I'm not so sure I've reached any "acceptance" stage yet but I don't feel that I'm in denial if that makes sense. He also had a baby girl 6 weeks old, I'm so glad he got to meet her. I think that also weighs on my mind when I see her and think that she's going to grow up with no father it breaks my heart. He was Sooo very excited to have his daughter and finally be engaged. I can't help but feel depressed about this and feel upset and even angry. I joined this group in hopes of finding some support and I hope that through other people's experiences and hopefully positive outcomes that I can truly heal from this pain. Xo Betterdays2017
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