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  1. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    Dear friend our only son Prashant was 29 years old handsome highly achieved but killed himself by jumping off his 32 nd floor balcony he was the joy of our life especially mine we enjoyed each other's company so much.. he was so kind loving compassionate easily laughed with me.. I could go on and on bottom line I feel I have lost everything in life..can't admit I don't have him anymore i am really trying to stay upbeat under the circumstances ... it seems every one has moved on except me... I know my husband is hurting too but somehow I can't seem to connect with him in this grief im reading a book but end up crying mostly sleep is impossible... not sure what life has in store for me
  2. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    Thanks for sharing the words touch my heart and tears are running down
  3. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    Life goes on yet another person asked me if I had kids I had to reply not anymore.. need a better answer... can't just say no.. I don't have anything to look forward to need a motive to go on..
  4. Chellaboosmom

    I miss you Kevin

    Oh my!! nice song.. brought tears to my eyes.. I always imagine him up in the clouds... and hope he will remember me always.. thanks for sharing
  5. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    I'm tired of therapy.. but grieving more after Mother's Day ..am I ever gonna be tears free... hurts all the time.. lying in bed seems the best thing to do but can't sleep despite meds.. seem like I can't function.. though I work and work out
  6. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    True theres a solace in the car... I am always crying in the bathrooms too.. even at work .. nothing is going to bring him back hurting like hell.. working like a zombie
  7. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    I agree that people want to stop hearing about our loss..in fact even some family members have told me There's no point in talking anymore.. it hurts because that's all I want to do.. thinking and talking about him.. whats with the car and crying I do it all the time.i now decided I won't talk about my son unless people ask me.. i will grieve privately or on this forum. thanks for being there hugs
  8. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    Thanks he is in my dreams regularly said last night I am here mom...made me happy that somehow he's reaching out i think all losses are equal but this one I can never recover from
  9. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    But can't handle it when someone asks me if you have kids.. i say I had one and then cry.. I am not ready to accept that I'm childless after 29 years
  10. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    I feel the only way I can console myself is that he has found an end to his struggles and is happier wherever he is i haven't been through other holidays yet but dreading Mother's Day because last year he called me thrice to wish me .. maybe he knew it was the last time
  11. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    It is reality.. I go through the day working evenings are harder because that's the time he died.. Easter was a very difficult day for me.. I dread going to the shops because of Mother s day ads.. I am no longer anyone's mom...don't think I will ever see light at end of this long dark tunnel of life
  12. Chellaboosmom

    I don't want to be stronger

    Sorry for your loss im grieving the loss of my 29 year old only son and I can feel your pain i am not sure if it will ever get better..prayers for you
  13. Lost my 29 year old only son almost two months ago i relive his traumatic death every day dont know how to cope