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  1. Evelyn Young

    Loss of grown daughter to cancer

    I have been for grief counseling and I also went thru the Grief Share Pla, all was helpful in their own way. I currently have a group of friends that I do Bible Study with weekly. They are very much aware of what I'm going thru. I am getting ready to have a check up by my dr that will include blood work to check out everything. I just wanted to know if anyone has suffered with the debilitating exhaustion that I am dealing with, all I want to do is sleep. I know I can not continue on this path, but I also don't know what else to do. I am terribly sad, I have very little communication with my husband as he is in beginning stages of dementia. My two younger children have pushed away, I think they are dealing with their own grief, they probably need mom during this time, but it's hard for me to be there, I'm just lost.
  2. I lost my daughter a little over 2 years ago. Has anyone experienced terrible exhaustion after this amount of time? I have good days, I have terrible days. But I'm always tired. I am barely able to get thru a couple of household chores.