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  1. Hi all my name is Jayde and I am new to this group. In August of 2015 I lost my only sibling, my brother. The circumstances were unforeseen and tragic. Two days after his 18th birthday he was in a car accident which left 4 teenage boys gone and a 5th boy physically disabled. The shock and the trauma of the circumstances were immense. Due to so many young lives lost the whole community was affected. There were hundreds of people at all the boy's funerals (around 300-500). Now two years on I grieve with my mum, dad and two lifelong friends. I feel very isolated in my journey and sometimes I really just want to go back to a counsellor or reach out to someone. The last year I had improved so much in my grief journey. I have been over coming my anxiety and I stopped crying every day. But since my brothers birthday and death date last week the gates of my grief have come flooding open. I feel out of control with my emotions and I am really scared I am going backwards. Can anyone tell me if this has happened to them? Has the anniversary caused the grief to become intense again? Is this going to last long? Any advice or encouragement would be really appreciated. God bless you all x
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