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  1. I lost my 21 year old son 5 months ago. How do I get through Thanksgiving and Christmas? I have a 15 year old daughter and want her to have a great life too. I would love to just skip the holidays but I can't for her. My son loved the family get togethers. He also loved our New Year family celebration with wings and movies. I am just dreading the holidays!
  2. I just lost my son 9 weeks ago in a horrible motorcycle accident. He was 5 weeks shy of his 22nd birthday. He was an athlete and played football, basketball, baseball and ran track when he was in high school. He graduated as an automotive technician and was hired at a big car dealer and worked there full time and finished his degree. I have had a horrible time coping with his loss. My husband and I grieve differently so that is added stress. I cry and look at pictures and talk about AJ. My husband cannot do that it tears him up. We are working hard to help each other cope but it is really hard when our coping is so different. I also have a 15 year old daughter that is trying to cope too. I don't feel as though I am handling anything very well. I just went back to work as a preschool teacher and need help learning to cope!
  3. Bree

    Talking To My Child

    My son was killed in a motorcycle accident 9 weeks ago. It was just 5 weeks shy of his 22 birthday. I don't know if my grief is so fresh or if I just don't listen. I have prayed for answers and to just know he is okay! I am still just trying hour by hour to cope with his loss! I have to get through each day for my teenage daughter. I don't sleep and cry all the time. If I could just feel him but I don't know what I am missing. I truly thought i heard his voice one day but then thought i imagined it. I would love to have conversations with him even if they had changed. I started grief counseling but all they are doing is having me talk about my feelings and I come home thinking I'm insane. He was such a good kid. Our whole community has honored him several times with candlelight vigils and at sporting events he is remembered. He played football, basketball and baseball. The police think he just somehow lost control of the motorcycle. No drugs or alcohol were involved. He was also not driving with excessive speed. He lived at home with us and worked and went to college. He had a promising life ahead. I would just like to know he is okay!