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    Writing, poetry, YouTube, singing, anime, Horror games, found footage movies, FNAF's, mall, going on nature walks, taking nature photo's, praying mantis's, writing, praying mantis's lol, going out with friends, working, swimming, crafts, Pokemon, Runescape, minecraft, praying mantis's, volunteering.

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    My pet, and lost other animals and family.
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    March 1st, 2017
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    My home
  1. This has been a trying year for deaths of my animals, my cat Tigger died march 1st sudden heart attack. Then not even a month later we find out Prince our 6 year old cat has Kidney failure stage 4 and basically told he's going to die. My cat Jasmine is 19 so I may lose all 3 in one year. I will cry suddenly, lash out, have anger spurts if it wasn't for my mantis's i would prob lose it. It just hurts its to much, its hard to deal with 3 cats being sick like that. Just having a crappy year.
  2. Missing both, my cat Tigger died March 1st, 2017 sudden heart attack. My buddy Bugsey my mantis died in june from old age.
  3. He passed away in June, if it wasn't for this little guy I never would've gotten better with my cat Tiggers death, or Prince's illness.
  4. My cat left this world march 1st, 2017, he had a sudden heart attack. He was a very lovable cat, and I miss him dearly. My dad made the cross and nailed it together, I wrote the poem. And drew the picture.
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