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  1. Hi Marty, been looking for a rescue dog to fill the void in the house ..have to find right fit..these applications are incredibly time consuming and have to install a fence ..the house feels so lonely.. when I get home after work I get really depressed.. my boyfriend left for Florida for two weeks .. he’s been really insensitive about the dog..i feel bad with the holidays coming.. got the book you recommended and it is really good..guess it’s just going to take time..will look at some of the sights you recommended.. thx for your support..it makes me feel less alone with this
  2. Thanks for giving me your email. I really appreciate it. I bought the book on Amazon, but the Soaring Series is for widows so it will not be a place to connect for me. I will check out your other sites to see if I can find something. I am a professional educator and I can tell that you are very wise,well-trained and educated. After my mother died I tried a grief support group at the local church and it was very depressing so I am not interested in pursuing that again. I found you through (whats your grief-lisa) so that is a start.
  3. Hi Marty, How do I write to you directly through this sight. I am having a rough time right now and you seem like you are a great grief professional to write to. After looking at some of the posts on the website I realize I haven’t really allowed myself to feel the pain and now thx to this sight you have given me permission to do so. I am not good at making decisions right now. Replace the dog bring energy and love into house but have to consider responsibilities. Can barely take care of myself right now and focus on my job which has a lot of responsibilities. Am doing all the right things but the pain is greatest in the house and I don’t want to go back at the end of the day. Any thoughts are welcome.. loved your lord of the rings excerpt about acceptance. Thanks so much. Anne
  4. How do I edit the topic I wrote? Thanks so much
  5. On the outside I am very successful. I have a good job , nice home and kids who live away and are doing well and a nice boyfriend who likes to spend time with me . Yet I feel so alone in the world. There is a deep sadness that shows up on Sunday afternoons that reminds me of all the losses my dad who died suddenly when I was 9 years old my mom 2years ago and now my dog that lived for almost 15 years. I see mothers and daughter andpeoplewithfamily a foam so jealous that I never got to experience family peace. One of four children we barely talk we were never close. I have tried mindfulness exercise writing etc and that feeling never goes and nooner really understands. I think if maybe I could connect with others in a similar place it might help me heal. I am totally open to any kind of support. Thanks so much
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