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  1. Mutt Mix

    Loss of my beloved dog, Chex the Mutt Mix

    Just picked up Chex's ashes from the vet service that coordinated with the cremation provider. The entire process went without flaw and I am very pleased with the efforts and service that I received for my treasured friend. For anyone in the central Texas area, I would highly recommend the Williams-Sebby Vet Clinic for any professional assistance needed concerning your pet. http://www.williams-sebbyvetclinic.com/ Also I would recommend http://www.pawsinheaven.com/ for cremation services.
  2. Mutt Mix

    Loss of my beloved dog, Chex the Mutt Mix

    It looks like I have to send in an invitation before you can contribute to his guest book. It asks me for your name and email address. You can send me the information at my email > michaelmike1959@gmail.com and I will submit the invitation. Thank you so much for your support. Please send info about your grief support group.
  3. Mutt Mix

    Loss of my beloved dog, Chex the Mutt Mix

    Thank you for letting me know about the guest book issue, I will check on it.
  4. Mutt Mix

    Loss of my beloved dog, Chex the Mutt Mix

    Hello, and thank you for your condolences. My Chex had a very unique personality, of course that of a dog, but he was also like a person that I talked to, I shared everything with him, we ate together, slept together, went everywhere together. Every step I took for the last year and a half, he was there, as a part of me. That makes it so much more difficult. I was able to sign his guestbook today, please try again. I have been reaching out for pet loss support. He was very therapeutic for my mindset and well being. Now that he is gone, I feel as if my world is crumbling down. If you can recommend resources for pet loss grief, I would be thankful. Look forward to hearing from you again.
  5. Hello and thank you for viewing this post. On Tuesday, October 17, my my best friend, child, and companion Chex was hit by an automobile and passed away from his injuries. On Wednesday 10/18, I took him in for cremation. The past week has been extremely difficult, sad and depressing as I had him for a year and a half, and raised him since he was a puppy. He became my child and friend, and I became his mother, father, and his protector and friend. We did so much together in our everyday lives, it hurts tremendously now that Chex has gone to the other side by way of the Rainbow Bridge. Please view the online Memorial Tribute that I set up for him here http://tribute.perfectmemorials.com/chex/ and I'm sure he would like it if you signed his guestbook. We look forward to hearing from you. I would be thankful to be able to chat with anyone concerning pet loss, grieving, recovery and support. You can find me at http://www.chatzy.com/ in the lighthouse pet loss chat room as Mutt Mix. Videos of the Nuttzo Muttzo can be viewed here on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh47wpTYKB7_r1O3LmlrVag