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  1. KimmyO

    A Long & Long-Overdue Hello

    Dear Dee, wow! You have gone thru a lot and are obviously a strong individual! God is with you and has held you up with His mighty right hand. I am glad to hear of your process taking shape and that you have come out on the other side well. Yes, grief is multi-faceted and very difficult in all it's stages! The things we go thru that are tough help us to know how to help others. I'm sure God will let you help others who are hurting and that even more will heal and repair your heart. Thank you for sharing this, all of it, and God bless you! I once heard that life is more of a train track than a roller coaster and that we always have both good and bad, but one or the other guides us this way or that, and in the end, they both create our destiny and purpose. Help others, it will bless you too. =)
  2. Wow, that would be so hard and I can't imagine the devastation of losing two babies! I miscarried once but had children after and it helped w my healing. Might I suggest that instead of avoiding family and children and babies, you absorb into loving on them and experiencing love without having to explain yourself? You could just give a simple answer and leave it there. You don't have to go into details. This is not a punishment from God or anyone and it isn't something you have deserved. No one is out to hurt or get you, it is sad and sometimes life just sucks! Hard things happen to good people and there aren't always answers or reasons. Getting involved in volunteering with maybe those babies who have no one to hold or love them might help heal you too. Yes, it will be hard at first, but giving love to those in need heals our own hurts. Also, taking magnesium and ginseng will together help calm your stress and get rid of those sticky negative thoughts and ruts we can get in. Hope this helps at least a little. God bless, praying for you!