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  1. The holidays are sadly and painfully here. This thanksgiving I want to say I thank the Lord above for all of you precious friends here. We all have the same loss. It’s the worst way to become friends and “family” but it’s the safest place for many of us. So thank you all for your love you’ve showed me and my family. Love and hugs Katie-girl, Caleb, and Ryan.
  2. My parents and best friend are coming over and doing the cooking. Im having a terrible time emotionally. It just never gets easier.
  3. Thanks everyone yes im on an anti inflammatory med. that’s really all that can be done. It could last a few days to a month. It’s not better yet. Crying today didn’t help it. 😢. And yes I’m sleeping in the recliner so the pain isn’t as bad. We are getting our first snow storm yay... 😕
  4. I’ve spent six hours in the ER this morning. I felt like I was having a heart attack. That was ruled out. Pneumonia was ruled out. And blood clots in my lungs were ruled out. I have viral pleurisy. The most painful thing I’ve ever endured. Laying down is excruciating. It could last a few days to a few weeks. 😫
  5. I’m continuing to struggle. My boys are what keeps me going. It’s been three and a half months since my love took his life. It feels so raw still. My heart just bleeds. 😞.
  6. Thank you all so much. To be able to come back here and just say two words and get so much love means so much to me. God bless you all.
  7. I appreciate your thinking of us. I am home from a much needed hospital stay and happily with my boys. I missed them. I will survive with their hands on my heart.
  8. I’m starting an inpatient program tomorrow as I’m just struggling without any retreat. I need the attention and respite. Probably at least a week. Just wanted to let you all know. Plz pray for me and for the boys as they will miss mommy.
  9. I really enjoyed the David Kessler course. Very validating and comforting.
  10. It’s been just over two months since Allen suicided. I miss him and ache for him so much. It’s difficult raising Caleb and Ryan. It’s difficult to even get out of bed and function. It’s so challenging to just do simple tasks like brushing my teeth or showering or eating. My world has been shattered. I do my best for the boys. But when it comes to me I’m lacking. The boys are my priority.
  11. Yes my therapist brought up EMDR and we are going to start that soon.
  12. Tomorrow is two months since my Allen suicided. I will never get the image out of my head. No matter how I try. I want to go back and have him talk to me so I knew his feelings and could’ve loved him through it. Mom having difficulty eating. I’ve lost weight. I try. I really do. I make certain my boys are ok and cared for either by myself or my parents or best friend. I am so numb again. Just feeling nothing. Like if I felt it all I will crumble to pieces.
  13. I’m trying so very hard. This road is so raw and heavy. To grieve our children is very tough without my husband. I’m trying so hard. Therapy is tough.
  14. All of your support melts my heart. In a good way. Thank you so much.