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    Erin Argueta
  1. ErinArg

    Was looking for support...

    I have never heard of anticipatory grief but I now know that is what I'm experiencing and I'm having trouble with it. All people keep saying is "stay strong" and "take care of yourself". I just want to cry or sleep. How do I handle this: I'm facing the death of my father. My dad is 102 years old and has always been incredibly strong but the past 6 months have been difficult on him: x2 rounds of pneumonia, a bad fall and a heart attack. His health is in a rapid decline but he does not want to die. And, my mother has breast cancer that has metastasized. She had a double mastectomy and just finished chemo. We do not know the results yet.
  2. ErinArg

    Was looking for support...

    Thank you kayc. I had posted yesterday but was disappointed at the lack of response. 19 people had viewed my post and no one had commented so I deleted my post. My story is very complicated and I just don't have time to wait. I need help now.