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  1. Well, here it goes... My boyfriend and I decided to adopt a Husky/Alaskan Malamute mix... 14 months old. I am 24 years old and unemployed due to chronic pain, so we thought a dog would be a great companion... My boyfriend works 9-5, Monday-Friday so I spend a lot of time alone. Shiloh is a rescue dog, with extreme separation anxiety issues... but he has a great temperament. When taking the dog in, we took extra precaution with our precious guinea pigs. They are in a separate bedroom upstairs, blocked off with a gate in front of the cages, and we keep the door closed.. he is not allowed in the room. 5 days after bringing Shiloh home, my boyfriend's brother was visiting before he had to go to work. (He stays with us often) I was not feeling well, so decided to stay on the couch downstairs. My boyfriend was working. He was upstairs in the guinea pig's room with the door closed (that's also where he sleeps when he stays)... A few minutes after he had gone into the room, Shiloh went upstairs..I assumed he would lay in front of the door and wait for Jeremy as he usually does...... Minutes later I heard Jeremy screaming ,"HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE? No... NO....NOOOOOOOOO!!!! .... I"M SO SORRY!!!...." and my poor babies SCREAMING out for me to help them... I actually heard one of my babies suffering. REALLY suffering. I literally couldn't move... When all I could hear was Jeremy sobbing, I started making my way upstairs saying, "It's okay Jeremy!".. he said "no, it's not okay." Our baby Cogli was gone. Only 5 months old. Shiloh must have jumped up and opened the door with the handle... and it just happened so fast. I am soooo thankful that Shiloh didn't get to our other three, Rufus(Cogli's cagemate), Marshy and Nugget... But I have never felt pain like this. We decided to rehome the dog...I just can't bare the thought of him getting to another one of our pigs. He went to a 24 year old girl with PTSD and anxeity...and Rufus, Cogli's cagemate is doing well... But I just feel so sick.. Like there is something I could have done to prevent this. I'm trying to be strong for my guinea pigs and for Matt, but I just feel so empty!!