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  1. Sunni

    Best friend

    Kay, Thank you so much for your kind words..
  2. Sunni

    Best friend

    I just lost my best friend of 50 years.. i am having such a hard time, don’t really want to be around others and am very depressed.. she had 2 nd colon cancer and could not remove this time.. it had been 7 yrs.. she fought so hard for the last year and 1/2 .. chemo and in & out of hosp constantly.. i stayed most nights @ hosp with her and we did have our best friend talks but just don’t understand why she had to go thru such constant pain for no reason.. i miss her so much since we talked almost every night for 50 years!! Just lost and so lonely .. both our husbands had passed very early also.. i would appreciate any thoughts that would help me thru this terrible time.. I guess if it’s a friend people just don’t check on you or really think to care.. even her family doesn’t check on me but I do call them to see how they are.. ive lost so many of my family but this is one of the worst to deal with..