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  1. CaraLex0014

    Losing my best friend, my grandma

    @kayc You are right Kayc, she passed a lot on to me. It’s an honor.
  2. CaraLex0014

    Losing my best friend, my grandma

    @MartyT Yes you are right, I will cherish that moment forever. She was my second mother and I’m grateful to have shared so many memories with her.
  3. CaraLex0014

    Losing my best friend, my grandma

    @enna thank you so much. Take care
  4. CaraLex0014

    Losing my best friend, my grandma

    UPDATE: My Grandma passed away this morning 03/01/18 at 10am. I went to their house at 930 and sat on the bed with her crying and holding her hand. She had tears near her eyes as they were playing her favorite Spanish music. I got up and looked at her face and told her sternly I was going to be strong, fearless, and I love her so much. I thanked her for everything she taught me and promised to take her recipes to my grave. My aunts told me as I left the house to go run an errand with my grandpa she took a sigh and passed away. I believe my grandma was waiting for me to tell her goodbye. I have not cried all day since she’s passed, I’ve been fine. I’m releived she is no longer suffering. Yes, I am going to miss the hell out of her but she is still with me and I believe she will always be my angel. Today has been a bittersweet day. The lord called my grandmother and it was her time to go to heaven. I hate any type of disease that will kill a person.
  5. CaraLex0014

    Losing my best friend, my grandma

    Kayc, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister, losing family is very hard. I know it’s apart of life and as we get older it will become a thing of the norm. My papa told me how people will get sick and it’s something we all have to deal with. I will be strong for Grandma and show her that I will carry her recipes, advice, and much more. Such a beautiful woman she is. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. God bless your family in this time.
  6. CaraLex0014

    Losing my best friend, my grandma

    Sweetpe1, Thank you for replying. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. It’s unbelievable how diseases will seem like a small thing then turn out to be deadly. It’s awful and I hate them 🤬 your words have already comforted me and I will be strong. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I can’t believe I’m here... typing this. Last month my grandma was being silly, active, and loving. One day she started getting pains in her stomach and we took her or the ER. She was diognosed with Liver Disease. From that moment, we knew it was managable. However, she began getting worse and her liver was detierating quickly, soon after her kidneys gave up. She began dialysis and had improved but then followed up again on Monday 2/26 and her blood pressure got really low. The doctors informed that there is no hope and it is best to keep her in hospice. Shes been home with hospice for two days now and she is not herself anymore. She’s not eating, drinking, and she’s breathing hard. I’m at a loss because I am about to lose my best friend. My grandma is only 68 and she was perfectly normal and in one month she is dying. We did everything together; she cared for my son, I’ve shared my whole life with her, secrets, visited my grandparents weekly, talked everyday on the phone. Now, she is slipping away. This is hitting me to my core and I can’t grasp my mind around this being reality. I thought I’d share this, knowing someone can relate. Thank you for reading and thank god for this forum.