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  1. Shoosie2, I just shared your post with my niece. I think she got the message. That's so much for your post I have been upset for days with her rotten comment.
  2. Shoosie2 Love this poem, thank's for your support. Linda
  3. Hi All Thanks for your support, I was very down about her comment, but I know what my Husband would have said to her, myob. I am so thankful for having all you as friends who care. God Bless You All, Linda
  4. It will 5 years this Saturday May 5, I lost my Husband to cancer. My niece had the nerve to tell me that I am living a lie that I don't want to live without him. I told her I have no choice to be here until God takes me . If I take my own life which I am so tempted to do, but I want to see my Husband after I die so I just live in this hell. How can your own family be so cruel?? Well F _ _ _ them all.
  5. To all, After 4 years I did donate some of my Husband's clothes to the Vietnam's Vets, that's where he wanted his clothes to go, his wedding ring is around neck, as far as the right time to do this is up to you, no matter what people say do it when YOU are ready, not them. I wear this necklace with his wedding ring.
  6. To All, I will always remain lost until I join my soulmate and Husband, Julian in Heaven. He was the love of my life , I am dead inside and I accept it.
  7. Hello All, What I do is plant a new flower on his death anniversary date 5/5/2013. I know I will never be happy again until I die but have learned to live with it . My sweet Babie J keeps me going, she has her favorite nic soft ball in her mouth.
  8. Kay C If it was not for this site I would go crazy I love each and everyone of the people on this site.
  9. Tom P, I used to run Marathon's and my Husband was always at the finish line to swing me around for finishing. I tried one without him and just couldn't run them anymore. I still run but only in honor of his memory.
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