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  1. It's been over two years since I posted this and yet the pain and grief I am experiencing has not abated. Every day is a painful struggle. Therapy and every kind of treatment imaginable for depression and anxiety has not helped. I don't know where to turn. My faith has wilted.
  2. Her reasons weren't clear. She suffered sexual abuse as a child and never told her parents. This led to issues of trust. Something triggered her, I don't know what. 'but she distanced herself over a period of a couple of weeks, and then called one night to say it was over. She would not talk to me about it. Six years of a family, and engagement, ended with a phone call. This was ten months ago and I am in pain every day. I cry almost every day, sometimes complete meltdowns where I sob and an hour or more. I am seeing a therapist, working on it. But I feel haunted and the pain never g
  3. Thanks for your heartfelt response. I suspect they will always be with me. But it pains to be out of their lives and not seee them grow. It pains me that my former fiancée just be hurting and I can’t comfort her.
  4. At the beginning of this past summer I had a tragic breakup with a woman I was engaged to and had been with for over six years. Our kids all loved each other and we were truly a family. We traveled together and spent time together and the kids all called themselves brothers and sisters. We had such wonderful memories. Her kids' father is mostly absent from their lives and her kids came to think of me as their dad, and expressed that to me. I took on a father role for each: bringing the boy to his first Red Sox game and countless other events. Same with the girls. This woman was sexually ab
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