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  1. kayc, thavk you! I do appreciate your kind words and I am sorry for your losses as well. One of the hardest things for me is when people say "she's in a better place now" i understand that but a better place would be here with us her family it's too soon for me to hear that. I'm taking it one day at a time for sure it's not easy as you know but it's the only thing i can do.Im not ready to go out yet for "fun" i know kathy would want me too but it's difficult to clear my mind and be in crowds ... in time i guess for now I exist the best I can. Hugs Sharon
  2. I lost my sister Kathy just one month ago from a 22 month battle with pancreatic cancer. She was my big sister only 54yo I am 53yo. I have NEVER felt such heartache I am crushed. Kathy has always been Strong and Courageous she was the middle child I am the youngest and our brother Mark the oldest passed at 32yo from a heart attack., that was 24 yrs ago. Losing our brother was tragic so young and suddenly without warning. I don't want to compare the losses they are both so very sad but losing my sister after a long battle with cancer has devastated me. We were close I was with her throughout her battle she ALWAYS remained positive and upbeat and she survived much longer then most with this particular cancer. Once the cancer spread it was quick and she was transitioned to Hospice and told just a matter of days left ... she held on for 27days. Kathy was alert and aware the first week to ten days I took leave from work and Mom and I NEVER left her side ... it was agonizing and I felt tormented just waiting and thinking maybe a miracle would save her knowing it wouldn't. I held her loved her kissed her read to her sang to her comforted her in every way possible she knew we were there she faintly whispered "I love you" close to the end. When she passed I felt numb and empty lost angry and so very sad. Why would God take my Brother at 32 and now my sister at 54 from Hideous Cancer .. I am scared it's just me and Mom .. poor Mom 80yo and healthy but this has hit both of us hard .. she was a huge presence in the family so kind loving a mother a sister a daughter. I am so depressed I feel like I'm a walking zombie crying daily. I took 2 months off work just returned 2 weeks ago - it has helped but I am empty without her everything I do everywhere I go reminds me of her. I miss her so much her voice her smile her warmth - I work and come home climb into bed sleep cry and do it all over again each day ! I will never feel the same be the same without her in our lives - I'm simply heartbroken I just don't feel anything but sadness I put on a strong front but i'm crushed ... will i ever feel happiness again will I ever feel anything again ? God I miss her my Sweet Beautiful Kathy I love you forever plus a day❤️ Sharon
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