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  1. Well, it seems I'm still around. My life kind of went into a tailspin in early July.But apparently the Lord isn't ready for me yet. I'm still here. I spent some time in a hospital, and had a few other various and Sundry things happen. But I won't elaborate on them. But I guess that even at 70 years of age I'm tougher than I thought. What's the old saying...you can't keep a bad penny down (or something like that. Next week I'll be moving into my new residence in Midwest City, Okla. Onward and upward! I hope and pray that my "family" here are all well. I'm in a La Quinta in Okla. City (do I really need to tell anyone what state Oklahoma City is in? lol). They're saying we might get a bit of the white stuff here tomorrow, UGH!! Be well everyone. One foot in front of the other...
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