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  1. Thank you both for responding. I will write more about wonderful Katie and what happened, just need to get my thoughts together enough to do that. Am going thru so many of the feelings and emotions mentioned in other posts, and as I read other posts, I cry along, with what they are saying about how their lives are forever changed. Wandering around looking for her, looking at the places she liked to be. Asking questions to myself and the universe - ie how could this happen, where is she, she was just here a few days ago, this is unreal and so on, which I know are common ones. Katie, I miss you so much, you are what love is all about, unconditional and forever. We are proud that we earned your trust and affection and so happy when you would come over to where we were and ask to be held or played with. I'll write more later.
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    I came to this site as part of looking into pet loss resources and am so glad I did. In reading other posts in this forum, I was touched by the kindness and understanding in the replies. I've also been reading some of Marty's articles - such as the bill of rights for those grieving the loss of a pet and also what to say or not to grieving person who lost a pet. And these are helping me indeed to validate thats it ok to be grieving the way I am. I will reply back to this thread with some details on what happened to our wonderful, beautiful Katie (cat) and what led us to decide to finally let her go but now am too sad and confused to do so, and am wandering the house going to all her favorite spots, which she visited regularly like clockwork during the day, and thru my tears, am talking to her and hugging her once again in my mind. I don't want to pick up the water dishes or food bowls yet. I am calling out to her, and when she was still here, and I could not find her in the house (she was indoor only), I would always ask my wife "Where's Katie" ? and she would say she is of course somewhere, but I would always want to know and would go thru the house calling her, until I found where she was (often curled up in a box or other not visible place and having a wonderful nap) OK, I will stop for now, and apologies if the formatting does not look right since i might have inserted carriage returns within a line that caused a new paragraph.
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