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  1. I just want to say thank you so much to everyone. Your words of understanding and reassurance help so much. I'm grateful to have found this safe, comforting place.
  2. My beautiful Husband passed away this past May 20th. He'd been sick and hospitalized for almost 7 months, and had been through hell and back, but we were so sure he'd make it home, but he couldn't fight it anymore. I feel so lost and empty. Everything I looked forward to, that we looked forward to is just gone. I have experienced grief before after losing family members, but losing my husband, my partner, my Love is the deepest pain I've ever felt. Half of my heart, my life, my everything that brought happiness and joy to my life like only a soul mate can bring has been ripped away. The pain and despair I feel are like none I've ever felt before. My family and friends keep telling me that "I'll be ok" and that things will go back to "normal" over time. How can they say that?! Things will never be the same, ever, ever again, nor will I. My Heart is broken. I'M broken. Much time may lessen pain to a point but it cannot heal scars from such an utterly devastating loss.