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  1. Glen Myers: Words to live by. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story of your amazing Mom. Hugs, Dee
  2. Marg: I hear you about being afraid where our kids are concerned. Your son is in a precarious work place. Thank goodness for the safety measures he has to follow. My son is a truck driver and is out around people. All warehouses where he picks up or drops 0off semi loads of goods are practicing social distancing - he is not allowed into the warehouse offices anymore. The paperwork is squeezed through a small opening in a window. As he told me about all the changes, I told him I was thankful for the changes although he is feeling "unclean". I told him these changes are for their protection as well as his. He is so much like his Dad who was a people person, and requires interacting with people more instead of being shunned. Stay well and safe all. Dee
  3. Gwen: Good news to see your virus screening indicates you are negative for now. The hospital must be using the testing system where test results are identified quickly. So for now maybe you can find time to rest. I hear you with your 911 ride to hospital has changed. More and more all activities have changed. I just got home from picking up my groceries at the "grocery pick up" system offered by Fred Meyer. I have been using it prior to Corona virus way to live and even though it is fantastic, it is mind boggling to find so many items, like milk, bread are already sold out for the day. I next ventured on to the pet food store. Had to stand outside behind a line, wash my hands and wait until there were limited number of customers inside. Once ready to check out, again another line on floor to stand behind, walk up to counter while checker step back as far as she can, and once I placed basket next to counter, I step back and the checker steps forward to the cash register. Every movement is choreographed like a dance. Next time I need dog food, I will use their new system where I call ahead, place order, then they will bring it to my car. Wonder if anything will be the same anymore? As I drove into my garage, tears filled my eyes, (I find tears so easily lately), I was thankful I got through this chore, all the while thinking how wonderful it would be not to have to do it alone. Stay well and safe, Dee.
  4. kayc: Your granddaughter is so adorable and her sweet prayer is lovely. Sorry the birthday will probably be postponed. I know you miss seeing your family. Dee
  5. Gwen: So sorry to read you are back in hospital. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping by now you are home with Ally and Mel. Hugs, Dee
  6. Yahoo, Robert. Good job looking out for your family. Dee
  7. Johnny: So good to hear you will soon be completing your work in Seattle and getting to return to your home, family and friends. You sound like you are staying on track to find a new life since losing your dear Rene'e. I am sure Rene'e is very proud of you. You are an amazing young man and even though we will always miss our spouses as long as we live, it is important we continue to find our way the best we can without them. Thank you for your concern for us here on the forum. This social distancing has been difficult but hopefully will pay off. Stay safe. Dee
  8. Oh Gwen, yes crying does help and please know I will shed tears for you until you can. Hugs, Dee 😢
  9. kayc: Of course you miss your Arlie. So sorry for you having to grieve his absence. Hugs to you and your sweet Kodie. Dee
  10. Dre': I wish I could give you an answer to "Why?" you and your dear children had to experience this tragic loss. I doubt there is an answer to why any of us here had to say goodby to a dear husband. I do believe that you are not being punished. As I look back over the years without my husband the only way I got through my days is I tried to get through each minute, then get through the next minute the best I could. There are still days I feel as if I don't want to go on, but my small family would be devastated if I gave up. Just keep hanging on for dear life, Dre'. Best thoughts and Hugs to you and your children. Dee
  11. Laurieah: My heart goes out to you for your recent loss of your loved one. I can only second all that has been said by kayc, Gwen, Marty and all that have recognized your loss. Yes, you have made the right step by joining this forum. Each one of us have had to learn how to walk this difficult path of grief. You will find so much support from all on this forum. Just know, you are not alone here. Dee
  12. Karen: So happy to hear your symptoms have quieted down. It has worked for me too in the past. Another thing that I do only because I read it somewhere is swallowing a little bit of baking soda helps if in early symptoms stage. Go figure. Just so happy you aren't suffering anymore. Keep drinking water, too. Hugs, Dee
  13. Gwen: I haven't had a dream with my husband in it for some time now - or if I did I can't remember. It might be I tend to need something to help me sleep so that part of my brain is too drugged. Sorry your dreams are not more comforting to you. Sometimes I do day dream and recall wonderful memories of being with Bob and even though he is not here with me, I have a feeling he might be feeling my thoughts of our happier times. Being the introvert I am, and not minding being home, is to my advantage in this quarantine way of living. But every once in awhile when I look outside and see no activity from the neighbors or no traffic noise I find myself thinking enough already. Maybe I'm spiraling down into depression? Tears are just at the surface more than usual. Looking at Facebook posts or reading emails I find myself breaking out into tears. It is surely what you are saying about how missing our husband's presence in such a time is 'madness'. So sorry for you and all of us here. The normal things we used to be able to do, we can't do now. When I was driven to my eye appointment Thursday, I couldn't give my Grand daughter a Grandma hug and kiss like I used to be able to do. Like I say, "Enough Already". Hope your dreams will be Happy Dreams. Hugs, Dee
  14. GinGin: I was so sorry to read of your recent loss of your love, Keith. You ask how to get through this. From my experience, soon to be five years, I try to take one day at a time. Some days just getting out of bed is all I care to manage. By coming to this forum you will learn that each one of us have found support from one another. Just know, you are not alone. Hugs, Dee
  15. Karen: In the meantime, if you have (sugar free type) cranberry juice drink as much as you can. This has helped me in the past until I got to the doctor. Also, drink as much water as you can. I realize the discomfort keeps me from wanting to drink. Just a suggestion. Good luck. Dee
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