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  1. Marg: You are a good Mom who loves her children in their own way they need to be loved. They definitely love you or they wouldn't be there helping you move or watching a football game with you. It sounds wonderful that you are surrounded by family in a comfortable apartment. Billy knew you'd be there watching over your kids after he had to leave you all. Get some rest and enjoy your new apartment. Dee
  2. Marg: You are all moved plus you have your Christmas Decorations up. I'm so impressed! Dee
  3. Karen K: Yes I remember how handsome Ricky Nelson was - And yes, it would great to be 25 again and so carefree. Sounds like you did get to see quite a few concerts - How fun. My husband had all kinds of music in his collection - His selection was as versatile as he was. Among his collection was "Dueling Banjos - Deliverance". We did get to see Roy Clark once and his banjo talents - I think it was in Seattle many years ago. Dee
  4. Johnny: What a loving way to honor Rene'e. I hope you are able to follow through on your plans as it will give you some peace if not of a recognition that she was once there and is still with you now. The tears are another way of honoring Rene'e. Warm Thoughts to you. Dee
  5. Marge: Oh yes I too was very aware of Elvis as a teenager. Growing up in New Orleans as a teenager in the late fifties I stood in line for hours to get in to see Elvis perform at the Municipal Auditorium. Lucky for myself and my girl friend we were on the second row from the stage. We giggled, screamed and cried as we watched him sing and gyrate those hips. Another summer evening one of my girl friends had heard Elvis was again in New Orleans and was sighted at the Bali Hai (spell?) Restaurant at Lake Pontchartrain Beach having dinner. Off we went - we lived close to the Lake, and managed to get a few feet from him as he ate. Silly teenagers, but fun memories. My family were all country folk from Choctaw County, Mississippi, so I was always hearing country music on the radio or phonograph. I never met my grandfather, but I have his old fiddle that he played and supposedly was the top fiddler in his little town. Thanks for the memories, Dee.
  6. Gin: So sad for you to have to face an anniversary of your wedding and honeymoon. I understand not being able to view a video. Videos are supposed to be happy times to relive, smile and share as we view. It is not possible to be happy without that special person watching with us. Unfortunately the predicted snow interrupted a possible diversion for you. Another downside. So sorry. Recently I accidentally opened up a video of my husband having a water fight with our grandson. Once I recalled all the giggles and laughs of that day as my four year old grandson got so much delight in hosing down Grandpa I could not watch more than a couple of seconds - the pain was so deep. Maybe some day, but not yet. Thinking of you. Dee
  7. Johnny: Glad you are enjoying Seattle so much. It is a beautiful part of the country and sorry you are quickly approaching a dreaded anniversary. Somehow, I feel Rene'e is there with you not only in your heart but watching you as you work and as you enjoy each new adventure. I hope the past couple days of grey cloudy skies haven't dampened your stay. Dee
  8. Marg: You always seem to have the perfect way to say the nicest, caring things to us. I totally agree with your words to Gwen, she is an Angel to the residents she visits. Hugs to you Marg, and hoping Gwen had a better day today. Dee.
  9. Gwen: Hoping you know I feel your pain during this time of the year and every pain filled day on the calendar. This time of the year can be a big pain when there is no energy or willingness to take part in the festivities. May today be gone quickly, keep "babbling" to us. Hugs, Dee.
  10. Marg: Your life with Billy sounds so full of wonderful memories. The RV life sounded like fun to me, but my husband a Pacific North Westerner couldn't be away from the fishing, crabbing, clamming, shrimping and hunting very long. I do understand this is what you have to do - and hoping to see a happy family. There is a saying I have read before, about "A Mother Being as Happy as her Unhappiest Child". I think about that quote many times. Good Luck moving, and let the strong ones do the heavy lifting. Dee
  11. Gwen: Ha! As I typed that response to Johnny, that was in my thoughts. The summers are amazing here. Growing up in New Orleans it took me a while to get used to living in a house without air conditioning during the summer. And yes, I am one of "those leaf color people" until the strong winds pick up and blow all those beautiful leaves in the street and the rains wash them down to my driveway where the storm drain sits and I have to keep the drain open, or the water floods my driveway. Way back in the early 60's when I came up here with my aunt and uncle we stopped off in New Mexico to visit a friend of my uncle. It was in a part of New Mexico that must have been part of the Rockies and was my first experience with snow and mountains. It was such an amazing beautiful place. Dee
  12. Gwen: I've read articles on broken heart syndrome and it frightens me too knowing this possibility. Although, I would welcome a quick release of this life, but my Maddie would have to be taken care of by someone else, and not as well as I think I do. Even though I have a daughter and a son I don't see them very often due to their busy complicated lives. Wish I could say I had a real "friend" I would feel comfortable imposing on. I hire the dog walker that walks Maddie to drive me to my retina specialist appointments. Thank goodness I haven't been faced with surgery as you are possibly facing. Am hopeful the medication will work so surgery will not be necessary. Your stress level is way high as you deal with so much daily. Your sharing your fears and feelings here hopefully gives you a small amount of relief and lessens some of your stress. Keeping you in my thoughts. Dee
  13. Marg: Good luck on your move. It sounds as if you have good help and a good plan. The best part of the plan is you decided you needed to make a move and took that big giant step to do it. I have been knowing I need to move, but don't have the courage to get my plan into play. Will be wishing you the best. Dee
  14. Johnny: Good to hear you are spending some time in the Pacific NW. I live about 35 miles south of Seattle, am a transplant from the Deep South for about 58 years. The scenery up here is incredible and fortunately you will be here for some of the prettiest weather. When the sun shines up here, everyone smiles. The Rockies are amazing and am hoping you got a good view of Mt. Rainier as well as the other mountains in the Cascade chain. Gwen's restaurant suggestions all sounded really good. I do hope you enjoy seafood. My husband loved to fish and we always had salmon, crab and shrimp in our freezer. Sounds like this trip will be good for you. Enjoy. Dee
  15. George P: You are correct, you are not alone in your situation and sharing your feelings and reading other's concerns does help. By being part of this forum I have found I am not alone and the information shared here has helped me to understand how grief makes us feel. Your thoughts are similar to how I feel at times. My support system is small, a son and a daughter and two young grandchildren. The family and friends my husband and I had in common have their own lives which means there are many days I have no contact with anyone other than a wave to a neighbor or a conversation with a medical office. Being up in age, I feel I don't have the energy or the will to create new friends. Fortunately, the only thing that keeps me going are the beautiful memories and my companion dog. As difficult as it must have been for you, you have made some headway to have disposed of your wife's personal belongings. The finality of emptying a closet or a dresser drawer of a spouse's personal belongings is truly painful. Maybe within time the photos project will become easier. Dee
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