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  1. Gwen: Oh I so feel your pain where your loss of Ally is felt. I have definitely noticed how less messy my carpet is since my Maddie is gone. One of her sleeping places was up against my dark colored sofa near the hallway to the front door. The back of the dark sofa would always be coated with white dog fur and the carpet would be covered with fir needles she'd bring inside with her fluffy coat. Would give anything to have that mess again. So miss the need to be needed by a sweet, funny, lovable creature. Hugs, Dee
  2. kayc: I would hope your minister's wife was thinking she was looking out for you, but I do understand your thinking she was interfering. I have never really enjoyed others thinking they know what is best for me, no matter what it is. Our independence is so important and we know what we can handle. The driving for me is coming more of an issue due to my vision problems and....... not too mention how awful traffic can be in my city. I think you are doing amazingly well and envy your energy. IMO being planted where we are happiest is on top of the list. Dee
  3. Gwen: I'm sure the reason I haven't been called in for blood work is because I haven't had to change medications, plus the covid issue has surely caused oversights. My thyroid medication has remained the same for years. My blood pressure medications have also remained the same. Except, when my primary care doctor that I had seen for almost 20 years retired and I started with the new doctor........ she did drop one of my meds; a water pill medication and she wondered why my previous gp even prescribed. I couldn't provide any answer other than I thought it was to help with bp issue. Though
  4. Gwen: My current primary care doctor was doing zoom appointments, I believe, when the shutdown was in effect. I haven't made any appointments since covid. I know there is going to be a day when she is going to have me come in for blood work in order to renew my thyroid medication. Thankfully she is only a few minutes from my present home and in a small clinic without elevators and huge parking lot. All this will change when I get myself moved. Yes, still working on getting myself moved to my son's property. I do spend most weekends there gradually settling in. I have to shame myse
  5. Yes, Gwen I agree with you. I have avoided the zoom thing as long as I can. Seems it is being pushed more and more. I'm too old and stubborn to want to learn anything different anymore. Good for you, you are keeping up with the new world. I envy your drive. You deserve a pat on the back, you should be proud of yourself for not giving up. Hugs, Dee
  6. Joyce: Good to hear from you, but am so sorry you are dealing with these health issues. The situation with the "little toe" is certainly enough, but to have to deal with a cyst, and then hip surgery to follow. Oh my goodness!!! Keeping you in my thoughts. Dee
  7. Gwen: Thanks for update. Good to know she is home and resting. And Joyce, keeping you in our thoughts. Take care, Dee
  8. Gwen: Oh no ! I feel your distress about your dentist retiring. I have already given the dental hygienist in my dentist's office when they moved 45 minutes away from my home instead of a brief 7 minute drive, I would follow them......which includes the dentist of course. BUT, you can not retire until I leave this earth. After moving to Oregon years ago, my daughter has been unable to find a dentist she trusts in her smallish town, so she makes appointments with our family dentist to coincide with her visits with me. Dee
  9. Gwen: So kind of you to pay attention to all of us. I, too, hope she is well and will respond shortly. Dee
  10. Yes, Pat it is so hard. We here understand how hard it is. Right after my husband passed I attended a weekly Grief Support Group for about three months. Of course, this was before Covid. The Group was a religious based support group and even though I wasn't a very religious person I found great comfort being in the group of others that had lost someone they loved. One of the statements I remember so clearly shared by the group leader was; when there are times when you don't know what to do, just get through the next minute, then the next hour, and finally the next day. It seems simplif
  11. Oh my, she is such a little "stinker". Guess there is no convincing her what is best for her. Kinda like when I'd try to give Maddie her big pills. I tried everything and she'd always drop them at my feet. You did advise the peanut butter routine at the time and that worked if the pills were small. I had to have most of her meds compounded. More costly of course. Miss my little stubborn girl so much. Just keep loving her, which I know you will. Hugs, Dee.
  12. Pat R: In my opinion I don't think we shed "too many tears". We shed how many tears are required for us to find some temporary relief from that pain that is embedded in the center of our body. As others have already commented, Pat, you are in the beginning of your grief. Even after almost six years without my husband, I still can break into tears over a trigger; a reminder of what used to be. I have always found enjoyment working in our yard and even now when I am outside I still expect my husband to come find me to see what I was doing. Unfortunately now, my time in the yard is lim
  13. Gwen: Exactly what I was trying to say about Mel. She loves you being her Mom even though you feel you can't do what you used to for her. I can imagine Mel being confused with that strange man with the canister. Oh, if only they could talk to us and tell us what they think. kayc: Your Kodie is also lucky to have you. You deserve him as well. Dee
  14. Gwen: I understand your feelings where Mel is concerned. You know how difficult it was for me when I couldn't walk Maddie any longer. I was fortunate to find a dog walker who took over for me for awhile before her cancer got to the point of being in charge. From what you describe about Melody being less social than Allie it would be great if you couldn't employ a young kid to throw the ball for her. The neighborhood kids used to come down to my yard and play with Maddie every so often. She loved interacting with the kids as she was originally raised around kids before I adopted her. Aft
  15. Marg: I, too, have decided that when the time comes to give up the car keys I will do that. I realize the time will come since I have macular degeneration. Right now I have to be selective of time of day and traffic conditions before I get in my car. I would never forgive myself if I should cause an accident and hurt anyone while driving. I think it's okay to be scared about our failings. Until then, I force myself to find the will to "put one foot in front of the other" like one of our longtime Grief Forum members reminds us. Take care, Dee
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