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  1. Gwen: Hope you can get an answer on your leg and really soon. Don't worry about sharing morbid news. Sometimes that is about all that is happening to us anymore. Your "friend" that is urging you to donate Steve's van: I agree with your resident friend's advice, "it is not his business". Can't understand why some people know so well what we should do with our lives when they know nothing of what is in our heart. Keeping you in my thoughts. Dee
  2. 😢 So sorry kayc. But, understand how you must feel about "I can't trust him". Would be wonderful if animals could converse and tell us why they felt threatened. Your walking him was a plus in his life and yours as well. Thinking about you. Dee
  3. Karen: Sorry you are having to deal with infections. I so understand your not wanting to go to the doctor and go through all of those tests that we used to complete with no problem cause either we had the energy or our sweet hubbies would drive us and wait with us. Now we're on our own and have to find our own way there, sit by ourselves and hope and pray they don't find anything else to diagnose. Unfortunately most if not all medications have a side effect. I recently asked my new primary care doctor if it was okay to take over the counter pain relievers. But, being a very young physician she quoted there are studies showing over the counter pain relievers may cause dementia. Some nights one of those little pills is all I need to calm down my tossin and turning. Long about 3 am, I sometimes get up and take one anyway. I'm not a very good patient either. Hoping you get to feeling better real soon. Dee
  4. Marg M: I had to laugh when I read what you wrote. I used to tell my husband that he wasn't to go before me, cause I knew "No one else would put up with me". He laughingly agreed with me with a grin and that sparkle in his beautiful blue eyes. We were married two months short of 51 years. Dee
  5. kayc: So understand the comfort zone you felt with Arlie being with you. During daylight hours Maddie usually lies on her bed in the front window always letting me know there is someone on our property or near our driveway. Is so comforting, she is my alert system. Can't think how quiet it would be without her. My heart still breaks for you. Dee
  6. Gwen: Having your dogs remind you it's time to start your day is a good thing. I am always amazed how they have their routine that is so well timed each day. If I have a restless night and end up oversleeping, Maddie will let me know it's time to get out of bed and get on with the day whether I want to or not. I am not understanding why the "Honcho of volunteers" can ban you from visiting your resident friends. She definitely is not considering the resident's feelings much less yours. I always remember how so many residents of the nursing home where my MIL resided were so eager to have anyone to stop and say hello or receive a smile from another human. How can this person have so much power? I agree what you say about cooking, eating and cleanup of meals is not satisfying at all. Additionally, grocery shopping can be exhausting. I did give the service provided by Fred Meyer Grocery "Pickup" shopping a try. I shop on line, schedule a time to pickup groceries and a nice young man puts the groceries in my car. The groceries still have to be brought into the house and put away but was a nice treat not to have to walk the grocery aisles, stand in line for check out and lug the groceries to the car. I will save this treat when I need heavier items and canned goods. Yes, those days when we had a life seem so far away in the past. The life now is not even close what once was. Dee
  7. Mitch: No need to apologize. Yours words are your feelings and almost each statement you wrote could be from my own thoughts and words. Although, I have dropped some pounds since I lost my sweet husband, who loved to cook, I have not lost 50 pounds - probably should, but just don't want to bother, there's that lack of motivation issue. There is little I would like to bother with anymore and some days the only reason I get out of bed is to take care of my dog's needs. I wish the flicker of Hope would flicker brighter since my eyesight is worsening along with everything else. With you in your feelings. Dee
  8. Kristyn OCCL: Thank you for sharing this commitment to how you choose to live. I will try to remember your words as I face each day. You have surely had to face so much loss for someone so young. Like Marg, I am 77 years old and soon to be 78 years old without my husband who passed away in 2015. This "old woman" can learn a lot from your generation. I just hate that I have to do it all alone at this age and failing body when I don't have the spirit nor the energy. Dee
  9. kayc: So sorry you have to go through this without someone there with you. The pain must be unbearable. 😢 Dee
  10. Marg, I have never heard of such a thing either. Would love to have seen such an amazing sight. You were truly blessed. Dee
  11. Johnny: The first time I heard the "new normal" at a Griefshare meeting shortly after my husband passed, I knew I would never want to get comfortable with that new way of living. After over 4 years, I still have not accepted my "new normal". I doubt if I ever will. After 51 years of a normal life with my sweet husband. Just can't yet. And yes, it definitely SUCKS. And, Jackie, I agree this empty life can be unbearable some days. Dee
  12. KarenK: I finally got a Smartphone and replaced my little flip phone after my vision starting going downhill. I found it easier to read the few emails and texts I receive. I really don't use it very often except the alarm works like a charm to let me know it's time for my pills and my Maddie's medication. I do take it with me when I am out and about for emergency purposes. Have no idea how to use all the other bells and whistles that's on it. I use my laptop for majority of my reading and emails. And of course, I still have my landline and an old fashioned answer machine to screen those annoying robo calls, and have no plan to give it up. My husband, bless his heart, hated computers but would use the flip phone for his calls from his fishing buddies. Dee
  13. kayc: Beautiful story of your Beautiful "Smiley Face" Arlie. Thank you for sharing with us. You two were meant to be. 😍 Dee
  14. Gwen and Jackie: Don't understand why I feel like the whole world is changing so quickly all around me. Maybe it was always changing and I just wasn't paying attention. Besides the influx of people moving to the Pacific Northwest has created much too much traffic, trees being cut down to build houses for these newcomers to move into, and the tech world is so out of reach of my understanding with all the "smart phones, tvs, doorbells that video people as they ring your doorbell, etc., etc. The business world is constantly upgrading to the point that I am feeling like yelling at the top of voice, "Stop World, I Want to Get Off". No sooner do I get my banking arranged there is another change of passwords, new screens and new process to access an account. There is always more I can't begin to keep up with nor do I want to. Would love to go back to the fifties, yes I lived way back then, and enjoy life at that pace. Of course, that won't happen, anymore than having my life back with a loving husband that made me laugh and always made me feel safe and secure. The neighborhood is changing quickly here, too. While my brain can still function, I know I need to be getting myself moved to a more manageable home closer to my son. I can't expect him to feel he has to maintain this house as well as his busy life. Jackie, your plan to move does not sound easy at all. My heart aches for you and am keeping you in my thoughts. Excuse my complaining here today, I was just feeling really down on this beautiful sunny day. Can tell September is close by. Was always a favorite time for us. Dee
  15. kayc: You are a perfect neighbor. How kind of you to help this young Mom. I have hired a dog walker for Maddie cause my knees are giving out on me and I can't keep up with Maddie. Maddie gets a good 30 minute walk twice a week and loves the dog walker. As we have learned on this site, it helps us deal with grief by helping others. You are special. Dee
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