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  1. I too am sorry for your loss. I understand the pain is still there even though it was in 2014. I believe we never get over the loss of someone that was so important in our life. The special dates on the calendars only remind us how much they really meant to us. I lost my husband in 2015 and the pain I feel today still feels like it was just yesterday. My heart goes out to you as you walk this grief path, just please know, you are not alone. Dee
  2. kayc: I hear you. Shortly after my husband passed away, probably less than two months one of my dearest friends passed away. I have missed her so much and wouldn't even know how to make another old friend at my age. For me, a friendship has to be a two way street and takes years to grow into trust and caring for each other. Just as you say about George and Arlie, my Bob and my Maddie and my friend were one of a kind. In the meantime, I do treasure the casual friends in my neighborhood that let me know they are here if I need them. But, since their lives are busy with families and thei
  3. kayc: I agree with Gwen, you must consider your health. Hope you can have the opportunity to speak with your sister and convince her you feel your brother would be in a better place to be executor. Good Luck. Dee
  4. Oh Marty this has to be the most beautiful and moving words describing why the loss of a fur baby is so difficult to us who have lost a companion. Needless to say the tears are flowing. Thank you so much for posting. Hugs, Dee
  5. Marg: It has been a really long time since she has been on the Forum. I do hope she has found some peace. Her young life was given so many tragedies. Dee
  6. Kieron: Within time I'm sure you will make a decision on what you will do with your home and yourself. Right now with the country in such upheaval might not open any doors for many. It is positive that your journal proves you have survived a chaotic time in your past. Birthdays and other special days are painful reminders of our loss. Good thoughts going your way. Dee
  7. Marg: So sorry your Aunt passed, but I tend to understand how easy it might be to give up after experiencing so many losses of her dear ones. Life is so hard. My sympathies to you and your family. Dee
  8. Gwen: Reading about your yesterday and your anger is understandable. You asked why do we have so many issues with life anymore; pain; medical appointments, computers, cell phones, appliances not working, etc. Life with our husbands used to be "simple" and manageable. Nothing is "simple" anymore at all. I too get angry. I realize you, like I, are angry at the universe and not our husband who once gave us an easier life. The past three days I was struggling to get my driveway, deck and patio cleaned before the rains started. I kept telling Bob, please give me your perseverance and drive
  9. Kay: Yes, may your BIL rest in peace and may your sister find solace as you and your family are there to support her. God bless. Dee
  10. Gin: I was sorry to see your brother is failing without his wife. How sad he has to be restrained. He is confused and can't understand his situation. Reading the description of your brother's behaviors brings to mind the same situation with my Mother who suffered with dementia back in the 90's. She was in the hospital like your brother and managed to pull out a catheter. I don't know how she was able to do that. It is so sad to watch someone you love so much go through this illness. My heart goes out to you and your family. Hugs, Dee
  11. Marg: Was good to see you back on the Group again but am so sorry to read of your losses. I agree with you, we all need to still remain cautious and not be tempted to return to a normal way of living as we remember and miss so much. Dee
  12. Oh yes Gwen, supporting the economy works for me, too. LOL Dee😆
  13. Oh kayc so sorry for your BIL, your sister and you. Life can be so hard. Please know you all are in my thoughts. God bless you all. Dee
  14. No, Gwen have not tried the fudge brownie M&M's. I enjoy reading how much you enjoy the finer things in life, especially chocolate. I try not to have such treats in the house cause I am tempted to eat all of them if I know they are anywhere near. This past week, Monday thru Wednesday, I had my granddaughter staying with me. The internet was not working at her house, and being required to have internet service for her on line schooling, she stayed with me. Those few days were a challenge for me as she does not enjoy my old lady menu, so I ate all the wrong things for myself becaus
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