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  1. Thank you, Maylissa. I think I read your note about 6 times and I’ll keep reading it to soak it all up.
  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and the articles. I will read every bit and pass them on to my family. Also,I am grateful for this platform to be able to speak to others.
  3. On August 6, we found out that our sweet Sadie baby has Lymphoma. I feel like i am already grieving, thinking about how we just lost my father in law to cancer less than 2 months ago, one of the cats whose illness mirrored my FIL's, and how Sadie's brother will deal with her death. It's so overwhelming. My husband has gone through this before with other dogs that he's had, but this is my first time dealing with the loss of a dog. I had a cat who I adored for 18 years, and I still think of her every day. But I am older now, my life is different now and I know this is going to be waaaaay worse. I am actually more upset for her brother than anything. How will I comfort him?
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