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    Katrina Fegan-Keeler
  1. We lost our dad 5 months ago and my MIL 3 months ago. My mom is constantly complaining that my 2 siblings and I are not doing more for her. I'm feeling very depressed with all the guilt she is putting on me. A bit of history here - she has had a strained relationship with us for years, we were never good enough and were constantly criticized as children. She is emotionally reserved so we can't cry or express emotions or talk through things. In the past when I have tried to talk with her about how she treats us it has lead to a huge fight where we didn't talk for months. Then when we do finally see each other, she acts like nothing happened. Since my dad passed she has become very demanding she wants help immediately and then gets angry at us. Even when my MIL died she asked my husband to come to the house and help her with some things. I had to call her and tell her he is not helping her when we are planning a funeral and she argued with me about how she needs help. We all help her a couple times a month, but it isn't enough the property is too big. On my birthday she sent mean messages to all of us that we hadn't done enough for her. Then she sent a text days later asking us over for dinner, no apology. I know she is grieving and lashing out more than usual but I don't know what to do, she won't talk about it. My siblings say they have put up a wall so what she says won't hurt them but I can't figure out how to do that. I'm just so sad and hurt, I miss my dad and my MIL so much.