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  1. Thank you so much for being willing to share, particularly because it may be such a complicated memory. I wonder whether you and your husband had any discussions about that after the fact, or whether you resumed a regular schedule of intimacy? When did it--if at all yet--begin to feel OK (to use your language "unfrozen")? Please of course feel free to message me directly if any of these seems too intimate for a public space. Or, of course, simply ignore it altogether!
  2. After much deliberation I wanted to ask a question on a private and sensitive, but ultimately important topic. How long after the passing of your child were you and your spouse first interested, able to be sexually intimate again? What was that like? How did it come about? This is such a fraught and complex piece of our personal lives, but this community seems so warm and open and thoughtful that I would be very grateful indeed for your insights.
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