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  1. Hi kayc, Thanks for your comforting thoughts. He was so much a part of my life and now I feel empty. Thankfully, my husband and I are each other's support. No matter how much time we have with our sweet pets it never seems to be enough. I am trying so hard to focus that it was a mercy that it was Sammy's time. It's my job, now, to realize that as much as I miss my sonny boy, it was the best thing for him to leave us when he did. I hope Sammy, King George and many others meet in Rainbow Bridge. Bless you. - Abby
  2. Dear Maylissa, Thank you for your comforting thoughts. It meant a lot to me and will help me in upcoming times of grief. I will document my thoughts and memories of Sammy. Oh my, such memories of my sunny-hunny boy. Writing about him will provide comfort. Thanks for that idea. Bless you. - Abby, who loved Sammy.
  3. I met Sammy when he was 4 hours old. He came home to me when he was 8 weeks old. He gave me joy for over 18 years and took a large part of my heart when he went to heaven 2 days ago. Sammy was the boss as soon as he was brought through the door. His curiosity was a wonder. Her needed to see how liquid spilled out of a cup when he pushed it to the floor, how many tissues remained on a on a particular toilet paper roll, and if he could fit into the large soup bowl. For the entire time he was with us I was never again able to sleep nights. He woke me up in many ways: batting me on the head with his paw, wailing from the hallway, jumping on my dresser and banging on the tambourine hanging on the wall. He was from a litter of 7; the only pink nose tabby. Sammy had many jobs. He was the social greeter when people came to visit; he was the assistant helper when the cable guy or plumber came to fix something, and he kept me hopping with his demands for munchies. He was a fussy boy. At his prime he weighed 17 pounds. At the end he was not even 4 pounds. I was so lucky to have my precious boy for so long, but I do not feel lucky. There is nowhere to go to dodge the pain. It hurts more than I can say. I must find comfort that he was not alone and he was surrounded by those who loved him when he left us.
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