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  1. It has been 1 month today that my 43 yr old husband was taken from me in a motorcycle wreck . It has been 30 days of agonizing pain . There have been times i didn't think i could live through this much pain but here i am 30 days later a 41 yr old widow . I have began to accept the fact he now lives in my heart not our house but i have yet to remove any of his belongings . I also don't no what to do . I take each day min by min .... because thats all you can do . I am so sorry for your loss i to know the price of that loss. Praying for you, Amy
  2. For me it comes in waves , i will be at peace for several hours ( i have not made to days yet) then out of the blue it hits me like a huge wave my Shane is never coming home again . My loss is still very fresh 3 1/2 weeks and was tragic i did not see it coming , but i am a firm believe that god has a plan for us all and this was part of our plan. I would say do whatever gives you comfort . I still have my ring on my left ring finger and his on my right middle finger , at this point i cant bear to take mine off but maybe someday i will be able too.
  3. Thank you for your kind words ! i just try to make it from one min to the next .
  4. I lost my 43 yr old husband 21 days ago in a fatal motorcycle crash , he was the center of my world and had a heart the size of the ocean. Everyday of our life was a adventure some good some bad .. but we were partners in everything. We had a very active life , we rode horses , ATV's. motorcycles , went camping . In 2015 on the 30th day of October he had a near fatal heart attack and was not expected to live but he by a miracle of god he did . He died 3 yrs to the day 10/30/18 on his new Harley i wanted him to have because he had over come so much . I don't know how i am going to go on in this pain , i have to for my children but what if it never lets up the feeling that my heart is torn in to a million pieces , i walk around on the verge of tears everyday all the time. i loved being his wife and do not see ever being able to remarry or anything . i am only 41 how am i going to live the rest of my life this way ?? any advice would help
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