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  1. Thank you Kayc. I will most definetly adopt again. I cant live without a 'pet' or as I better call them another family member. The issue is that my mom is grieving so much for Max that she doesn't want anymore pets because the pain of losing Max is too much for her. I understand and hope she changes her opinion overtime. No one can replace my Max but I wanna give a chance of a loving home to a new fur baby, hopefully soon. Thanks once again for the replies and this forum, it's really helping me knowing I am not the only one. Kisses and hugs from a little bit warmer NYC. ❤️
  2. Thank you Kayc. I got a little bit distracted now while on work but the thought now of an empty home makes me shake and dread. I truly still cant believe he is gone. Such a void in my heart. I hope I can heal one day. I feel almost guilty that I have to continue my everyday life as if nothing happened. 😪 Thank you for the support ♥️ Hugs from cold New York
  3. Dear MartyT thank you for your beautiful and reassuring message. It sure did comfort me for a brief moment, at least. I can see you know what true love and pain means. I remember having red somewhere that 'grief is the price we pay for loving too hard' and although it may sound a bit twisted and unfair it is surely true. Only now I can see how my love for Max was deep and true, unconditional and genuine. Grief is something so sinister, one moment you're fine and the next one you're on the floor feeling someone is ripping your heart out. I have never stopped grieving and missing my dad, however I do find truth in what was written above. I was very close to my dad emotionally but he was pretty absent most of the time due to work, in contrast to Max who was always there. That's where the void and emptiness kicks in. I can't imagine coming home and not seeing him, tears my heart in pieces. I am very happy I have find this forum and people who can understand my pain because I am sure people at my work won't. Thank you very much, In honour of my angel I love you and will love you till the day I die and we meet again❤️
  4. I just lost my entire world, my love, my best friend, my eternal companion; my furry angel Max. I feel as my world is falling down. On a cold December night od 2010 I was walking down the street and saw a little scared kitten running towards me. I just knew that moment that was it. Love at first sight. A bond was created, I took him home to my mom and we adopted him. Few months before my dad had passed away so I always felt it was a special sign how he ran up to me in a crowded city. It didn’t take long for us to conclude that Max was a special kind of cat. I mean all pets are special... and we had cats before but there was something so different about Max, both in his looks and even more in his character. Little did we know (we found out later);Max was a Maine Coon. He was big and furry and as it’s known for his breed, Max was a gentle giant. In all his huge size and robust body he was the most gentle cat I have ever seen. He loved cuddles, our companionship, sleeping and bothering my mom. Nothing would make him angry or upset. He would never bite or scratch, he was indeed a gentle giant. Fastforward Max is a 9 year old happy cat and the center of our world. He still plays and cuddles and everything is fine as always. Then about 3 weeks back he suddenly falls sick and we take him to the vet and we find out he has diabetes and his liver and kidneys are suffering tremendous consequences. We tried everything we can to save him. Insulin injections had become a part of our routine. Yesterday Max left us. I am in shock, disbelief, sorrow and grief. I feel as much as heartbroken as when my dad died. I feel so lost but I have to work and continue with my job while all I wanna do is sit and cry, cry rivers.😢 Please help me, I am devastated. Thank you
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