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  1. I'm under medication..and the doctors said I will be taking them for a long time
  2. Hey guys we finally broke up...I was diagonised with Bipolarism and she couldn't handle my depresive episodes...and my parents kinda blamed her for everything happening to me that's why she broke up with me
  3. Hey guys,just wanted to tell you that I'm doing fine,I haven't initiated contact with her and it feels good having to think about myself for a change I'm now hanging out with friends who I had seized contact with because of my girlfriend,my best friend who's a girl,is helping me out. I'm usually a weak guy and I'm surprised how this space thing isn't doing me so bad.If she doesn't comeback..it wasn't meant to be,but she asked for space and I'm going to give it to her. Thanks guys Sam
  4. Update.Today I had decided that I'd just say hi to her in class and walk away. Her friends called me over when I had decided to stay away from her.She was hostile at first,then she started making fun of me and laughing,we laughed,had lunch,Ice cream, though she was not her usual self when with me but it was a little bit better.When we left each other,she gave me a much warmer hug,I know it means nothing and I know somedays will be bad,but I'm ready to wait for her because I love her so much,and I know she loves me I know such stories Don't end up well,but I'm sure Love Will prevail in the end
  5. Thank you Kay C and Rae.Well today I woke up much better,still feel sad that I can't talk to her,but it's the best thing I can do. I'm going to see here in class today,we have a group presentation and we're in the same group,going to be difficult,but I'll do my best to avoid her.
  6. Thanks for everything.I had initially asked her if she wanted a break,(before reaching out to this site) and she replied today by telling me that not everything is about me.She told me to stop being irrational and that she only needs space. I've agreed I'm giving her space.She said she doesn't blame me for anything. But why is she talking to others well but shutting me out. Ps. I've decided not to contact her, I'm okay right now giving her the space she needs.
  7. Thanks alot.Update.Today I met her,she hugged everyone and then just gave me a pale handshake.I got upset,but didn't show it.I tried holding her hand and she pushed me away.I felt like crying.I told one of her friends I had tried everything and she also felt sorry for me. I've decided I'm not going to contact her, it's the best thing for me.I sent her a text telling her I'm going to give her space and that she should not mistake it for abandoning her.I also told her that anytime she needed me I'll be there for her.forgot to mention that we're both in the same class,what can I do as I'll be seeing her happy with other guys talking, laughing,but not me
  8. And I'm ready for anything.If she wants to breakup I'll just have to accept it.Though it hurts alot.I don't know what to do. I've tried therapy but it's still not working.I want her to reach out to me.I want to be there for her,I don't want to abandon her.
  9. I've been dating my girlfriend for four months.Everything had been great, she's 20 I'm 21 and well I thought I had found the love of my life.She recently lost her dad and It affected me seeing her like that.Now the problem is..She doesn't reply to my texts or calls..I text her twice a day but she doesn't reply to them.She laughs with other people.. talks to them well but with me it's different.Its like she hates me. I've tried asking her friends for help but they aren't really help.Please help me out guys.Im going crazy.I laugh on the outside but it's really frustrating that she's shutting me out but talking to other people. I've seen such stories and they usually don't end up well.I don't know what to do guys
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