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  1. it is my friends funeral tomorrow ; the music is this thank you for letting me share
  2. Thank you so much Kay C; that is most kind of you; thank you so very much I planted a lemon tree from her and am just going to say some prayers now I will write more later Thank you Susan
  3. Good afternoon everyone from Wellington New Zealand; I have just lost one of my best friends here who was 95 years of age; she was a true delight; she was clever, witty kind and unconditionally loving; She lived life to the full and she was a role model for me; I would love to share a picture of her here; May you rest in the deepest peace Eileen; I would love to post some of my favourite memories of Eileen in the days ahead; I have ordered a photo book so I can put all my top photos of her in the album; We have just planted a lemon tree today as she loved lemons; I am having a Catholic Mass said for her on Sunday; It feels very good to honour her this way. I want to cultivate the qualities she demonstrated of love, patience, gentleness and joy I will write more tomorrow; thank you for letting me share ; my husband and I have joined a walk to raise money for cats as Eileen was passionate about cats; this feels good.
  4. I would love to share; my Mum passed in January and in September I am having her gravestone blessed; my sister and family are not coming which upset me greatly but I have accepted their decision; the grave has my parents and my Aunt and Uncle in there; so this will be a blessing for them too; I will celebrate as fully as I can; has any one else had a gravestone blessed' i would love to hear It is great for me to do as I live in New Zealand and the grave is in England; every good wish sue
  5. Hello everyone from New Zealand;I hope you are well; I would love to ask if anyone can recommend an article or book on creating a memorial service ; my Mum died in January and I had a wonderful Catholic mass; I am having a new gravestone done in September and the priest will bless the headstone; with a social afterwards;I am so excited I get to do this; can anyone reccommend any good reading; many thanks sue
  6. Today I went to a special service for Harry and Charlie; the priest was wonderful and we had coffee after; Harry and Charlie were mentioned quite a few times and their names were on the Catholic altar ; I love you Harry and Charlie and I know you are in heaven; I know you walk with we everywhere; love sue xx
  7. Honouring my two friends Charlie and Harry I am having a mass said for you on Saturday and I can't wait;I am so excited Many thanks for letting me share Susan
  8. Thanks so much for letting me share this
  9. Good afternoon everyone. Kia ora to our New Zealand friends and good day to our Australian friends. It is wonderful to see so many friends and relatives here. As a tribute to you mum I would love to talk about three areas of your life to give us a flavour of how much joy and happiness you brought us all These 3 areas are prayer, resilience and love Prayer was the bedrock of your life mum. In the last few years you seemed almost to pray non-stop. During my recent 3 months at Westwood I remember seeing you grateful for every single thing. You thanked God for your breakfast or lunch from the staff, a visit from Sarah and Noah, a call from Paul and myself. I remember you asked me to call my friend Frances who read our first reading to take down her words so you could put them on your wall next to your bed. These words were Jesus mercy Mary help sacred heart of Jesus I place all my trust in thee. This was certainly your mantra mum for the last 9 months of your life mum. Mum you sure were resilient when you applied to and were accepted into the Royal navy's nursing arm the Queen Alexandra’s Royal naval nursing service. At the social after this mass we have some glorious photos of you in your Royal navy nurses uniform. You soon found yourself working in the Bighi royal naval hospital in Kalkara Malta. This royal naval hospital looked after 250 patients serving the whole of the Mediterranean and through it Malta became known as ‘The Nurse of the Mediterranean“ Again you showed your resilience when you combined your nursing duties with the best social life possible. You were always being invited out to parties and the ships dances when you were not on duty. Indeed it was at this time that you met your Royal naval husband-to-be Petty officer Evan The last topic I'd love to cover is love. You fell in love with a wonderful gentleman called Evan, my dad. You met your husband to be whilst working at night at Bighi, the royal naval hospital. You were both on the same ward and your courtship flourished from there. You told me mum that you used to meet your husband-to-be after your shifts and you loved to meet in the coffee houses dotted around Bighi hospital. Within a couple of years you married your royal marine husband in a perfect setting at the chapel at the hospital. You had a honeymoon to remember for 2 weeks in Sicily which you greatly enjoyed. Later today at the social we will be toasting you mum with one of your favourite drinks the finest Sicilian lemonade. You loved newly married life in your royal naval apartments that came complete with a servant. These were glorious days. You both continued with your outstanding naval careers until you returned home to Britain. Back in England your love of things naval continued as you moved to the naval base at Salisbury when you became a proud mum to a much loved daughter Sarah in December 1966. Your husband then left the royal navy in 1967 so you could move back to civilian life in Chorley. Your other daughter – me - came along in 1968 and your family was complete. After your great career in the navy, you were keen to retain your skills and for over 20 odd years you worked at Fernbank Care Home where you looked after many retired ladies and gentlemen. You loved working nights and loved both your colleagues who are here today and your patients. Last night in the middle of writing this eulogy I got a call from my closest female friend Janette in Switzerland. Janette said “Sue tell them about how your mum loved every aspect of her life whilst living at Westwood and tell them she had a love of life to the end.” Janette reminded me mum that she and you said a prayer that you loved - the guardian Angel prayer. She sat with you whilst I nipped out to get cream cakes and lemonade. Whilst I was out and you and Janette were alone mum you laughed and said “has she really gone to get cream cakes?” Yes I certainly had Mum. I’m nearly at the end but I'd just love to share what you told me recently. I asked you what you were most grateful for after your husband had passed away and you said you were most grateful for your daughters Sarah and myself, your sons in law Andy and Paul and then your wonderful grandchildren. Next you said you were grateful for prayer, your friends at Westwood and elsewhere, good company, good coffee and being clean and tidy so Mum this pretty much sums up your life. Finally I quote from you, days before you passed to heaven you said “Sue when the time comes be calm. When the time comes celebrate the good times and be strong. Drink some lemonade in memory of me”. So mum I promise to be good, be calm, be loving and be happy. I will always remember your words and promise to live this every day. Sarah and I would love to invite you to St Marys to celebrate with us and to share our memories. St Mary’s social is just off Devonshire rd. There is plenty of parking. many thanks for letting me share
  10. Thank you so very much kayc; so good to have your views and welcome
  11. Thank you for this wonderful site; My Mum passed on January 7th in England and I was with her ( I live in New Zealand) ; I spent three months with her last year; I just want to celebrate. I am going back to England to celebrate her life and bless her new headstone in September; meanwhile I am celebrating her life by spending time with my wonderful husband and enjoying each day. This was my Mum's favourite music in her last days; I love you Mum; I hope everyone is well; this site is just magic; I will be in touch soon Susan
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