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  1. Yesterday, two days after Snooki’s death, my husband was finally able to express his grief and the feelings of missing Snooki and he broke down. The sorrow and pain he feels and has shown is far more than the death of a close friend or relative. After reading the links here, I know it’s going to continue to take s long time to learn to live with her loss. My heart is broken and the house is so quiet. Sometimes I think I hear her scratching on the door in the mornings. I hope the sadness dissipates so we can work and continue our lives somehow but Right now I don’t want it to go away because I
  2. Sharon, thank you for this uplifting and sweet picture of your new babies. My family’s special baby passed on Friday. It’s hard for me to think about replacing her because the grief is so raw right now and it’s just not possible to find another cat friend like her. She was always there for us, laying on my husbands chest with her face up on his chin. She lived him dearly and they were the best buddies and bonded more than anyone s else in the family. He was quiet for two days and broke down last night. I know it’s going to happen many more times and we’ll never stop wishing she was here and mi
  3. Dounia, my kitty was accidentally killed Friday in a tragic accident. I cried almost nonstop until Sunday morning when I reached out to my animal lover friends and family. Even though you asked them to move the wood, know it was an unintentional accident. I have never lost a beloved pet until Friday and with it being completely unexpected it was very emotional. Try to remember the good times and happy times with your kitty and not the last moments when she died. I also wrote a page of the good times my kitty had with us and it helped me think of the great life and love she received as our fam
  4. Yesterday I gave him my letter and expressed my sorrow and regret. I’m not sure if he read it or not. It’s sitting on the couch next to him. I know he’s deeply hurt and we all will be for a while. Snooki was our baby for a long time. I’ve read all of the support links and they did help. I also decided to let my friends and family know. Only the animal lovers though. They have all been comforting and I’d strongly suggest this to anyone that feels ashamed and guilty over their pet loss. I know my friends will continue to offer kind words and support. It took a couple days to be able to tell anyo
  5. Thank you for this suggestion Marty. I hadn’t thought of trying this so I’m going to sit down and write him a letter now. I appreciate your help.
  6. Thank you for your supportive responsesMarty and Kay. I’ve read the links from Marty and am getting ready to read the links from Kay this morning. Any unexpected pet death is horrible but knowing Snooki was our perfect loving, precious and loyal important part of our family makes it feel unbearable. This is the first pet loss I’ve experienced and to know what I’ve put her through and caused her to go through in her last moments all alone and scared is beyond painful. I know my husband is feeling the same devastating loss and pain so I’m not blaming him for his reaction yesterday although it d
  7. Snooki was adopted from the humane society a month after we applied to take her home. She was 6 months old. We’ve had her for almost 10 years and she’s been an incredibly loving, precious and fun cat. Just perfect for our family and our favorite pet because she is so affectionate and entertaining. Today We lost her because of my stupidity and not thinking about what I was doing. I clipped two leashes together and clipped that to her collar. She jumped up, got caught and I’m sure you can fill in the rest. My husband found her and we are devastated. I didn’t realize and obviously didn’t think
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