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  1. I'm crying while u'm writing this i killed my kitten by accident it just happened 2 hours ago some wood in the house my mom kept it there last 3 days i told her not to bcuz i was afraid that woods maybe could fall on my kittens she didn't listen to me this morning i came to the house after school n saw my precious kittens lookin at me Shiro , Juliette and Ghost i love them so much i love them more than i love my family idk i just really appreciate them they were looking at me with their beautiful eyes my other cat run over that woods n it fell on my kitten the one who called Shiro i was yelling n crying n begging my dad to take him to the vet but he told that Shiro is gone there was so much blood on his head n i can't believe that befor 5 minuts he was jst looking at me woth his innocent grey eyes n now he's gone but i blame myself i feel responsible for what happened i kept crying n yelling what made things worse my dad beat me n cursed me because i was crying he said that i'm psychopath my mom didn't defend me n she agreed with him he started to beat me as usual he said i'm the men of the house when i say " stop crying " that mean u must stop crying ! I HATE HIM I HOPE HIS DEATH GONNA BE THE SAME OR WRSE THAT MY KITTEN DEATH I HATE MY PAREBTS FOR WHAT THEY DID SO MUCH I WANT THEM TO DIE THEY ALMOST TOOK MY CAT N START THREATENING ME they think an 18 yo women shouldn't cry or raise her voice ( my family is a Muslim ) because people outside will hear her crying n this gonna make my dad embarrassing IMAGING MY DAD IS ANGRY BCUZ HE'S GONNA GET EMBARRASSED BCUZ OF HIS DAUTHER TEARS ! i begged them to not take my children ( my cats) they made thing worse n i feel like i'm gonna die my heart is hurting so much n i can't get over the death of my kitten the only thing that is stopping from committing suicide is my other cats n kittens they have no one to take card of them n i can't stay away from them i'm sorry for writing all this i wish that my cat will forgive me for what happens i'm so sorry
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