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  1. Hi, Ebony! It seems to sound strange now, but I think that God saved you by removing your ex from your life. This tragic situation showed how REALLY things were going with his addiction and it seems it is much stronger than you expected and hoped it to be. I truly sympathize with these losses, it is really cruel. But, please pay all your attention to yourself now, not to your ex or relationships. You need to heal your soul now by taking care of yourself, of your inner child. Express all the negative emotions you might have suppressed and think of the ways how to experience positive feelings now. I wish you to find peace and happiness within yourself which will help to create a healthy and harmonious relationship. Moreover, I would suggest you to learn more about addiction on Addiction Resource to understand how it works, how to avoid it and treat. Wish you all the best, dear.
  2. It was not words salad actually, everything is absolutely clear and your feelings are understandable. I sympathize with you. I think you are very strong mentally and if you complain about everything, even if it seems impossible, you would probably feel relieved, believe me.
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