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  1. It went great,he liked me on the spot.I am a natural redhead,Nick loves redheads
  2. I have a new chapter in my life,new man in my life.Met him tonight,co worker introduced him to me.It has been a year since my husband died,time to get back into the dating scene .His name is Nick,date is next week Monday.Very excited about the date.
  3. He was a loving dad to his sons.I remember his oldest came out 3 years ago as a crossdresser,told him he loves him no matter what.
  4. They are 14 & 16,Doing good now which I did see a therapist for help.I plan on going on the dating scene soon. He was a Warrant fan and said this song fit me when we met,
  5. We were married 10 years.He was proud of me serving my time in the military,I did 8 years in the Marines.He always said I am like the female version of the late R Lee Ermey,one was seeing one Geico commercial
  6. Lost my husband a year ago,shot and killed in the line of duty.Was a police officer which he was proud of his service.Remember the night a cop knocked on the door telling me he was shot during a drug bust.Was rushed to the er,doctors tried to save him and told me the bad news.Died on the operating table.It was at first.I have the folded up flag which I was handed.I did get justice too,the man whom did it is serving a life sentence with no parole.I am raising his two sons on my own although I am not their bio mom
  7. Dad did get a military style funeral.I have the folded up flag which I had case made for it.Have the house for sale,money split 4 ways when sold.When my dad died,this song was in my mind:
  8. Loss of both parents hit me hard big time.Mom passed away in October,breast cancer took her.I looked up to her all my life.Remember her great cooking and I never complained about it.I spent time with her before she passed.Then my dad died in January a week after I turned 40.He was very good to me helping me get through life.We had something in common,both did our time in the Marines.It was a mess which I have pulled out from.My parents had a messed up will,my 3 younger brothers and I argued what we wanted.Luckily it was straightened out with help with a lawyer going to court.We were happy wha
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