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  1. Thank you for the support and advice Rae and Kayc! It's only been around a month since this terrible thing has happened but I am doing quite well. I'm actually very proud of the strong person I am turning out to be. The way that I am able to deal with this situation is teaching me a lot about myself. This actually means that sometimes I feel even happier than I have ever felt before! I am enjoying spending time with my close ones and thinking positive thoughts. Although I do fall back into negativity, I am learning how to cope with such feelings so it is getting easier to stand back up ev
  2. My boyfriend who just recently experienced a loss of a close one broke up with me over text. Our relationship was perfect for us and he told me that before the traumatic event he never considered breaking up with me. He just told me that he was unsure about everything in his life right now and it wasn't my fault at all. He said he didn't like how final breaking up sounded but he stuck with it. I still can't help but feel lost when I think about how detached he was and how final the decision seemed. He mentioned that I'm still beautiful, amazing and all that but he just can't treat me the
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