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  1. Thank-you Marty and Jackie for the support! I will keep my account and posting. I’m just not ready like you said. Thank-you for understanding. Jackie don’t feel bad, this a good group. I will post again sometime! ♥️
  2. Thank-you for the support and advice Jackie and Kayc. Jackie you know how badly I feel, I wish this had never happened to you! You know I will keep in contact. But, I feel overwhelmed talking about this. My feelings are that I just want to delete this topic and my account. Nothing personal to anyone. I just feel I need to do this. How do I do it?
  3. Thank-you George for your response, and I am very sorry for your loss. My biggest concern is I feel I am not honoring my husband’s memory by being mad at him. I feel guilty. But, you are right there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Thank-you for reminding me of that. Blessings to you! Debi
  4. Since my husband’s passing a little over a year and a half ago my personality has changed. I am more anxious, out spoken and have trouble sleeping. I seem to dwell on the bad times with my husband instead of the good. I think it is too painful to remember the good times. It is much easier to be mad at him. Is this familiar behavior for others?
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