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  1. Hi Jackie. I'm so sorry for your pain. We all say things (& do things too) that less than our best selves. But we also say & do things that are noble & worthy. That you are asking for forgiveness shows that you are a good person, a worthy person. I remember that a year after my father died in 1988, I was impatient with my mother and said something that was mean about how she & I were on vacation & I just wanted to enjoy the trip. I understood so little about grief then. 9 years later when my mother died I knew what she was talking about. Now I am dealing with the death of my only sibling, my sweet sister, from brain cancer. It still feels very strange writing that (she died on the 29th of June). Grief takes time. I hope you get your sign, Jackie. I know other people who have gotten signs of various sorts. I have not. But I go to my parents grave in NJ & I sing to my mother & father (& now my sister). I honestly don't know if I'll see them again but I know I would like to. Please find a way to love yourself as God loves you.
  2. On 6/29/19, my beautiful sister died after a 4-month battle with glioblastoma (brain cancer). She was my hero, my best friend, my only sibling. She was kind, smart, non-judgmental, simply amazing. I could talk to her about anything and she listened with pure love. We lived 750 miles apart and yet it felt as though she was just around the corner. I visited as often as I could, usually 2-4 times a year, usually for at least a week. When we were together, we did all kinds of things - musicals in New York City, restaurants, walking, shopping, sitting & watching TV, visiting relatives, talking, supporting each other. My sister had a difficult life. She deserved so much better than what happened. I know that life is unfair, that sometimes the good die young. That has certainly been true in my life - my mother died at the age of 57 (sudden, after heart surgery), earlier my father died at the age of 56 (more prolonged, severe diabetes), My core family is gone now. I know that things like these happen and sometimes they happen to people that are a lot younger. I know that grief takes time. It’s been 71 days since she died. I grieved my mother very hard - she was only 15 years older than me - she was also my best friend until she died - but then I became closer to my sister. I tried to be with her as much as I could before she died. I was there after her surgery, I was there when she started her chemotherapy, I was there during her radiation, I was there when her blood counts dropped and I was there when she died. I felt her last 3 heartbeats. Then she was gone. My hero, my love. I will miss you forever. The world is so dark without you. My heart hurts. For anyone who is reading this, thank ou for listening.
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