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    Sept 7 2019
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    Gillooly Funeral Home Noorwood

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  1. Just seeing this at the end of my teather, Im crying for you. I wan't comfort and answers too but they do not exist. We need to get through alone and Im not strong Ive had zero comfort and friends disappear. times I feel like a warrior and other times feel like I'm on my way to the gallo's I need someone to talk to so bad
  2. Im mixing medication with nyquil and a little wine trying anything to take the pain away and not doing well at all
  3. This sounds very sad and I have no idea how old you are but as Ive lost two husbands and married 3 times it sounds like the relationship was not at all what he wanted, I cannot imagine wanting to shut out anyone during such a time. AS painfull as this will be the last thing you want in your life is a boyfriend who disappears when things turn bad. If he truly loved you he would be running back to you at every moment he felt down, I notice no one wanted to express there thoughts. This is harsh but he is clearly is not into you as the movie says. He is correct, you do not deserve this treat
  4. I have been self medicating as well, I have not been a drinker but I am forcing wine and spirits down my throat to ease the pain, I ended up in the hospital twice because of it. My dr is not sympathetic and refuses to give me anxiety medication which would help a lot
  5. Quote What do you do to find joy every day? There is no joy and nothing feels good. Sleeping is impossible, food doesn't taste good. I give up on looking even remotely decent. I have no dreams, no goals and nothing to look forward to at all Not the way I saw my life 7 years ago
  6. I cannot believe how much I am suffering , Married in 2012 and died on September 7th 2019
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