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  1. It's been 2 weeks... I still cry sometimes when I think of my baby girl. I think I start to forget how life was with her around. I can't feel her presence anymore.. But I miss her everyday and I don't want to forget my time spent with her.
  2. Maybe one day we will see them again..
  3. I know... Maya was my heart, my life. I miss her so much, I still feel her, I feel her face in my hand and hear her meowing as I petted her..
  4. Thank you so much .. I'm not a doctor of any kind. I am a cat owner since last year so I don't really know very much.. but still I could have thought at least to request some tests.. I've learned a lot from this and it's the worst that I had to learn in this way.. I miss her so much, my sweet loving baby.
  5. Oh..if only we could turn back time. Just for one more time.
  6. Thank you very much for your words and I'm sorry too for your baby Arlie.. I know with time everything will be ok, but until then.. I'm so heartbroken, I miss her little soul so much.
  7. I'm so sorry for your loss! My kitten died 2 days ago, so I feel your pain. She died at the vet clinic in the morning before I got to see her. I saw her the night before but it's never enough. You always want that last moment, that last hug and goodbye kiss.. Keep in mind the good memories and know that you gave her everything in your power and she wouldn't have change anything. I know the guilt, of not doing things differently, not making different choices so she wouldn't die.. Only time can heal. You will feel better, less alone, maybe someday you would have another pet to take care of. It's hard when you get to know their personality, how they act, their character. It's like us people. So who doesn't understand, didn't have a pet. You can't replace an animal like you can't replace a human being. Every animal is different and we will always miss them for who they were. Cry, let it out and you will feel better with time. All the best.
  8. I took her from my boyfriend's courtyard when she was about 4 months because her brother passed and I wanted to save her because she was sick at that time. I kept her in my apartment. I couldn't spay her sooner because she was sick, she wasn't vaccinated, she was also skinny even if she ate a lot, and it took some time until we could spay her. She was smaller than a normal cat at that age and I think she was born with other problems, because her sister, 5 months older than her, developed very well. So I took her to this vet from the beginning, he knew her history, that she wasn't 100% ok, but he never questioned if it would be ok to spay her or at least take some tests before, to see if she has something wrong. After I spayed her, she gradually started to eat less, lose weight, she didn't play anymore. I took her to the same vet, he took her blood to do some tests, but it was too much blood taken for her little, weak body and it made it worse. The results were very bad so I took her to another vet, because at this point I didn't trust that vet anymore. I took her to a clinique for animals, so they kept her on an I.V. to stabilize her, but she already was in a very bad condition. Her red blood cells were dying so we made a blood transfusion from another cat to buy some time. They couldn't take any more blood tests because she was so weak. They managed to test for Fiv/Felv, hepatic and renal disease but the results were negative. So they really didn't know exactly what was the cause. They think it was an autoimmune disease that was triggered by the sterilization, they said it happens very rare and no one would have thought this would happen. She had two days when she was a little better, she ate and she played a little, but then she became lethargic again. She died because her heart was too weak and she couldn't take it anymore. They said she survived very long in her condition and they didn't see anyone like her. She was a fighter! So..it was very unfortunate but some things could have happened to prevent this, that no one thought of. And I blame myself for not knowing better.
  9. Yesterday my sweet kitten died.. I had her since March 2019, she was only 1 year old and she died from severe anemia caused by sterilization and other problems that she was born with. I keep wondering and asking myself what if I didn't sterilize her or I would have taken her to the vet sooner, maybe she would still be alive, I'm sure she would be alive now..only if I knew. but we can't change the past, can we? We only can learn from our mistakes. I still have another kitty, her big sister..but it's not the same without my baby girl. I know I didn't have her for years like other people, but it felt like it. I am so devastated, I'm just waiting for her to appear somewhere, to stay with me when I cook, to sleep next to me at night... I'm so sorry I couldn't save her, I hope she's in a better place and happy. I'll miss her so so much, my little bundle of love. Rest in peace my sweet baby!
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