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  1. Hi, My situation is kind of the same. I met the woman of my dreams and fell deeply in love then unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer. We faced it together and made the hard decisions together which would end up being heart breaking. After my chemo a second mass was found and I had to wait for further surgery. While waiting my mum became ill and I watched her pass away which had a massive effect on me. 1 month after the funeral I had my surgery and then 4 weeks after that the woman of my dreams told me it wasn't working that she was unhappy and I should leave. I tried everything to keep our relationship together because I had lost control of every thing else getting cancer, Losing my mum, not being able to have kids. I am not able to see her children now because she says it would confuse them which hurts so much. I lost my mum, my wife to be, children, home basically everything and have been so depressed. I to go days of different emotions rage, fear, sadness and regret and hope the feelings will stop. What upsets me the most is the one person I trusted and wanted in my life forever has come between me and the grief of my mum. My mums birthday is coming up soon and ill go to the place I chat to her and have a good old chat. My mum loved my ex and couldn't wait to see us married in a way I am glad she never saw any of this.
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