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  1. You all don't realize how much you are helping me. I can say what I need to and how I feel without being told I am ridiculous! In my family as I have said being so big I hate to say it but death is something I have become accustomed to! My cousin who was more of a brother passed away when my youngest daughter was just a few months old! All three of my grandparents have passed, I never had an issue with being able to go through the grieving process with them, with my dad....I just know that when I do get to it's going to be a complete mental breakdown! I just still cant get the visions and word
  2. Kieron, Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I can sum up your questions very quickly! Who has tried to make things easier for me, NO ONE! I not only take care of my mom and try to keep her in a good place emotionally, but I also have my husband and 3 kids, one of which is handicapped and it is everything I can do to handle all of this and working! I have no been able to take a vacation because I have used all of my vacation time as well as sick time taking care of my mom in her moments when she would call me in sheer panic and I would have to leave or call in to take care of her.
  3. I am not even sure how to start...My dad left this world September 17, 2018 3 days before my birthday. He battled cancer for 7 years and was a trooper, never complained even when he was at his most sick moments. My mom had a lot of help taking care of him. My aunt's and uncles helped with him, even one of my uncles moved into their house so that my mom would be able to continue working. I visited often and called every single day to talk to my dad and mom just making sure that things were okay and if they needed anything I would make sure that it was provided. When my dad passed, my mom had a
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