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  1. Well stated Gwenevere, and thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Most especially thank you for giving me a better understanding for seeking professional help. I never really thought about it in that light. I like the separation idea because I do tend to be a downer in every conversation at a point. Maybe unburdening elsewhere will help with that. Thank you!
  2. My thanks to each of you who replied. I am sorry for your loss too. Your kind words and encouragements are welcome. I have found some enlightenment in reading these strands, of others who have similar journeys. to answer kcey question, I honestly don’t know why I have not used professional help. I have always thought myself as a mentally strong person and now I realize that doesn’t matter. These feelings are deeper than anything I have ever experienced before, and much more uncontrollable. Your tips are wonderful and thank you for sharing.
  3. I lost my husband and soulmate of 42 years on April5, 2019. He died suddenly of heart attack. He did not have heart problems so it was exceptionally shocking. My grief has been so deep, my faith has got me this far and I continue to pray for strength daily. I have tried to work through this without outside help, I have a wonderful family network. But, somehow I still feel dead inside. I don’t feel much anymore, I just function. I do have a beloved pet who gives me something to take care of. I am just struggling not knowing what feelings are coming next?
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