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    Connor was my black lab for 11 years. I was his mom.
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  1. Hello, Our world is facing quite a challenge. This will be our first Spring without Connor. It is going be 60+ in the PNW this week. He would have loved it. The sun is out. Our Cherry Blossoms have bloomed We miss him so much. With the season change, my husband and I find that we honor Connor in ways that make us laugh. "Connor would not like all of the cheery blossom flowers on his fur." "Connor would love that we just put out the lawn cushions." It hurts, but is also joyful. Please take care of you and your families. Elizabeth
  2. @BobBlah I think we all share in your loss of Jack. Like @kayc stated, our babies are still in our hearts. Connor passed 11 weeks ago. I didn't leave the house for a month. I can still go days without leaving the house. I have learned the grief is a ride on a roller coaster. Just like you, Connor was our only child, therefore our daily "schedules" are no longer "normal." (If that makes sense). I have read all of the articles @MartyT posted above. Be gentle with yourself. Connor'sMom
  3. @Anappa, Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflection. "After months of thought, I’ve come to realize something beautiful I thought I would share. Tonight is no different from any other night - once work is done, the kids are asleep and my wife says goodnight, I miss my little girl and usually cry for a while, but I have to take a moment to appreciate the true love she had for me and understand what she did on her last day and it’s really quite amazing..." It has been 6 weeks since we lost our sweet Connor. Our story of his last day with us is similar to yours. I find so muc
  4. HI @kayc Today, I was teetering on being angry. It's not my nature. But I accepted that feeling and took some deep breaths. I had errands to do and had to drive by Connor's Vet today. It felt so strange. My car wanted to take a right turn...... I am holding onto the hope that Connor and Buddy found each other. Buddy LOVED Connor. Buddy wasn't a fan of other other males, but Connor taught him it was ok to play at the park and meet new friends. It didn't mean they were coming home with us . Connor'sMom
  5. I just received news that Connor's playmate passed away yesterday 😔 Connor and Buddy met when they were both puppies. They played together for 4 years until both our families were re-deployed to different coasts. I hope they are back together again, playing tug of war and watching over our families. Connor'sMom
  6. @Wifflesnook Your post is beautiful. Exactly what I needed to read at this moment in time. Connor'sMom
  7. I think I read this in one of Marty's articles (I have been reading everything in order to make sense of my grief), but I went back into the trunk to get Connor's name tag. I put it on my key chain. I'll live with that for awhile and see if it provides some comfort.
  8. @K.D. I am thinking of you. Thank goodness for the opportunity to type our feelings of loss to people who understand. Connor'sMom
  9. HI, It has been a month since Connor's passing. I bought a pretty trunk to put Connor's toys, leashes, costumes and blankets away. I had the energy today to organize and remove the items laying around the house. I feel like I am back at square one. I was Connor's Mom. I don't know who I am anymore. I tried an in person pet bereavement group this afternoon at the local shelter. I wasn't ready. Just a message to say that every day is going to be different. Be gentle with yourselves. Connor'sMom
  10. Thank you for sharing a photo of Star. So sweet. (The little boy is adorable!). I hope reviewing photos of Star helps with your healing. Reviewing photos of Connor throughout the years is proving to be beneficial in my healing process. There are still the overwhelming, takes your breath away moments of grief. I am not sure when or if they will go away. They may never. But I am giving myself permission to cry. Connor'sMom
  11. Thank you for posting the beautiful video, KayC. Kathy, I lost my Connor on 12/18/2019. I am still thick in the grieving process but find incredible comfort talking with KayC and Marty. I hope Star and Connor have found each other. Connor is a bit bossy😉 but a perfect friend. Connor'sMom
  12. One of our last professional photos. I am so happy we did this.
  13. Thank you Karen. I hope Connor found Mickey. 💙 Thank you for the smile re: the bathroom.....Connor would "knock" on the door and push it open. No privacy for this girl! Connor'sMom
  14. Thank you both, KayC and Marty. Everyday is so different. I made myself go to hot yoga this morning. I want to try and get out of the house. Other yoga participants would not know if I am sweating or crying. While working from home is both a blessing and a curse, right now, I can grade papers while crying. I am also trying to stay away from friends. They mean well, but I don't want the unsolicited advice: "You need a new routine," "You need a new job outside of the house," "You need to stop crying." While all may be true, what I need is to do is let myself grieve naturally
  15. Thank you KayC. And I am so sorry about Kitty and Arlie. Extra prayers and healing energy. Connor'sMom
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