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    Connor was my black lab for 11 years. I was his mom.
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    Renton, WA
  1. Thank you for sharing a photo of Star. So sweet. (The little boy is adorable!). I hope reviewing photos of Star helps with your healing. Reviewing photos of Connor throughout the years is proving to be beneficial in my healing process. There are still the overwhelming, takes your breath away moments of grief. I am not sure when or if they will go away. They may never. But I am giving myself permission to cry. Connor'sMom
  2. Thank you for posting the beautiful video, KayC. Kathy, I lost my Connor on 12/18/2019. I am still thick in the grieving process but find incredible comfort talking with KayC and Marty. I hope Star and Connor have found each other. Connor is a bit bossy😉 but a perfect friend. Connor'sMom
  3. One of our last professional photos. I am so happy we did this.
  4. Thank you Karen. I hope Connor found Mickey. 💙 Thank you for the smile re: the bathroom.....Connor would "knock" on the door and push it open. No privacy for this girl! Connor'sMom
  5. Thank you both, KayC and Marty. Everyday is so different. I made myself go to hot yoga this morning. I want to try and get out of the house. Other yoga participants would not know if I am sweating or crying. While working from home is both a blessing and a curse, right now, I can grade papers while crying. I am also trying to stay away from friends. They mean well, but I don't want the unsolicited advice: "You need a new routine," "You need a new job outside of the house," "You need to stop crying." While all may be true, what I need is to do is let myself grieve naturally and I don't know what that looks like or feels like from moment to moment.
  6. Thank you KayC. And I am so sorry about Kitty and Arlie. Extra prayers and healing energy. Connor'sMom
  7. After 11 years of pure joy and unconditional love, I had to say good bye to my black lab, Connor. My husband and I adopted Connor when he was 8 weeks old. We had been married 2 months. We traveled the country with Connor. Maine to Seattle, and everywhere in between. Our families thought we were "nutty" as Connor went everywhere with us. I remember my mother stating many years ago, "I hope I am not alive when it's time for Connor to go." Luckily my husband and I were able to filter the hurtful and stupid snide remarks both sides of the family would so loosely make. On 12/19/2019, it felt like the world stopped. Yes, Connor outlived his expectancy once given the diagnose of Diabetes and Cushing's Disease in November of 2016. We were still very active and we managed his care plan to the letter. Waking up on the 19th and walking downstairs, I knew immediately Connor was not feeling well-and it was serious. 2 hours later, my husband and I were rubbing and hugging him until his last breath. The same Vet who Connor has had since 8 weeks old, was now also saying good-bye. It was, and continues to feel crushing. Takes my breath away. Connor had a very BIG life! I look at pictures documenting all of the fun trips, funny expressions, videos......it does provide comfort. Every day for 11 years. Today. Today I am angry. It has been 18 days. Those who were a big part of Connor's life are all aware of his passing and themselves are grieving the loss. The Holidays have come and gone. My husband is back to work today. I go back to teaching college tomorrow. I am mad that I cannot go a day without tears. I am just mad. I guess that is all that I wanted to write down today. Thank you so much. Connor'sMom
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