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    Star NC
  1. Julia1405, I am so very sorry for the loss of your Roxy May. I completely understand. The memories of the good days, weeks, and years are really helping me. Thinking of you during this time. They leave a part of themselves in our hearts.💓
  2. kayc you too are a wonderful pet parent and I so appreciate you and your support during such a sad time. I will keep you updated on Angel and Stormy. 💖
  3. kayc so true. You and Arlie were fortunate to have each other. My babies sleep with me, eat their regular food, treats and they love boiled chicken. I sing to them each night and they have their own pillows and I gave Star nightly massages to improve her blood circulation and relax her. Every night for 12 yrs and 4 months I sang her song Twinkle twinkle little 🌟 Still crying multiple times throughout the day. But we are going to get Stormy our 8 week old baby boy on Sat. I know there's no replacing my Star girl but I look forward to getting to know, love, and care for Stormy. Hoping our 8 yr o
  4. Thanks again kayc. It's odd to me though my friend has a little furbaby of her own that she loves dearly. Maybe I am just too emotional but it's only been 2 weeks and a horrible Christmas time.
  5. kayc well said. I believe this person cares for me but the last few conversations between us I have cried and talked about Star. I can't just shut it off and get on with it. She doesn't know how to help me. I know it will be better as some time passes. I lost both parents at young ages 2 years apart. Many years ago. I am not comparing that to Star but love is love and grief is grief. My grandson wants a husky so bad. 💓
  6. Connor'sMom thank you so much. That's Joseph our only grandchild. He loves Star so. I have countless pics and videos of Star. She was small but mighty and very stubborn. 😍
  7. I know. I had a good friend tell me get on with it you got one dog and another one on the way. She doesn't get it. I don't consider my furbabies just dogs. They are my family.
  8. MartyT thanks so much for the beautiful video.💓
  9. Connor'sMom thank you so much. I am so sorry for your loss. The pic of Connor is adorable. Yes hopefully he and Star have met up. 💖
  10. I am so sorry for your loss. It's just heart breaking. But you are correct. My Star wasn't going to get any better. My Angel is 8. We have an 8 wks old boy shih tzu baby coming Jan 18th. More for my grandson then me but I will love it and care for it no replacement ever for Star but maybe another furbaby to take care of will do us all good. They take over our homes and hearts 💕
  11. kayc thanks so much. It's a process and I just miss her so much. If I left the room she would be coming to see where I was as she got older and her heart condition got worse she always would look over to make sure I was near. Thanks again.💗
  12. Hello I am new here and trying to find some new ways of coping with the death of my sweet little Star. She had CHF and had been on 4 meds and in declining health for over a year. Still wagging that tail and playing with our other shih tzu right up until 4 days before her passing in her sleep. I can't sleep for thinking of her. My other baby looks for her everywhere. I've been through this multiple times and I know it's a part of it but it's so hard. Thanks.
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